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designers from taiwan win record 93 prizes in 2011 if design award.

by:Demo     2020-09-05
The 2011 iF Product Design Award jury, the \"Oscar\" of the design community, selected 991 popular works from 756 works of 1,121 participants in 43 countries, compared, 486 registrations from 39 countries in 2010.
Juror noted that many companies have a consistent brand strategy that leads to a strong and unique product presence: when design quality becomes more and more important, it is an obvious advantage when the economy improves.
Taiwan designers won 93 awards in the 2011 iF Product Design Award, a record high, reflecting the remarkable achievements of Taiwan designers in recent years.
Taiwan entries can also join the 50 winners of iF GoldAward for the \"best Contest\", which will be announced on the first day of the CeBit international computer show in Hanover, Germany, on Month 2011.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Taiwan\'s industry is again strong in the winners, Acer, Asus, Lite-
MiTAC, BenQ, Kisda, etc.
All awards received.
The 2011 iF Product Design Award includes 16 categories: 1.
Traffic Design, 2.
Leisure/lifestyle, 3. Audio/Video, 4.
Telecom, 5. Computers, 6.
Office/business, 7. Lighting, 8.
Furniture/home textiles, 9.
Kitchen/family, 10.
Bathroom/Health Center No. 11. Buildings, 12.
Public Design/interior design, 13.
Medicine/Medical Care 14
Industry/skills industry, 15.
Special vehicles/construction/Agriculture, and 16.
Advanced Research.
The CENS editing team selected a cross-section
93 winners from Taiwan.
Fabric garden/building materials, Element Category: 11.
Architectural Designer: Jixia Innovation Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
The fabric garden is the first 3D curved textile with a composite fiber that replaces the soil and creates a green module for planting.
It can be a small farm on the outside of the green building or on the balcony of the home, soft textile and modular frame suitable for aflat or curved exterior.
For the convenience of irrigation, the module is equipped with water supply.
KS supernatural 27
2 Remote/mountain retro bike seat post Category: 02.
Leisure lifestyle designerTech Co. , Ltd.
In order to maintain the center position of the saddle and prevent the rollover, this seat column also has a floating piston, which can eliminate the cavity when placed on its side to transport or hang up for storage.
The Post also has a unique patent
Additional oil and air volumes are allowed to provide a pending external reservoir of consistent performance at a smaller diameter.
This made it impossible to play and prevented other air races.
Oil seat column system provided in 27. 2diameter. HL-Key/handbrake L-
Key categories: 14.
Designer: National Taichung University of Education (NTCU)This L-
The Key or Allen wrench has a soft grip that prevents the user\'s grip from slipping even in an oil environment.
Soft Grip also improves work efficiency;
When the buckle helps the simple identification of the wrench size.
Category of mixed tooth chain and sprocket: 02.
Leisure life Designer: KMC chain Industry Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
The mixed tooth chain and sprocket have the features of aroller chain, half chain link and gear transmission.
It has the advantage of roller chain for power transmission: simple, sturdy, reliable and lightweight.
The consistent spacing of the semi-links reduces vibration and provides flexibility for bike sizes.
The gear profile joint system on the chain and sprocket improves efficiency and reduces noise.
As a result, the product is smoother, quieter and more efficient to transmit, making the hybrid design the future of a bicycle-driven train.
BackEye/bicycle gloves Category: 02.
Designer: CYY Sporting Goods Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
The rear eye is the safest way for cyclists to see behind them on city streets and narrow winding country lanes.
The rearview mirror on the glove is tilted 30-
80 degrees, adjustable wrist.
There is no need to twist your neck to see an open view, like having eyes in the back of your head!
Its plastic mirror means there is less risk of injury in the accident.
The rear view mirror is removable for cleaning gloves with money and keys in the inside pocket with aquick-
Release loops and open palms for ventilation and minimizing creases. AluPen[TM]
/Stylus Category: 04.
Telecom Designer: AluPen [tool design] of MobileTM]
It\'s a heavy pencil.
You can accurately control the alien stylus of the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
Carving fromaluminum, AluPen [with soft rubber tip [TM]
Sit perfectly in your hands and make painting and writing a unique smooth and enjoyable experience, which is why it is an important accessory to creating a computer.
More importantly, AluPen [TM]
Its perfect controls also make it interesting for iPhone gamers.
Fairy/LED bicycle raincoat Category: 02.
Leisure life Designer: Yin Cheng-ta, Shen Chien-lung etc.
Fairy is the latest multi-purpose bicycle safety clothing.
This LED Light module raincoat lets cyclists not have to use other lights when riding at night.
New softtextile with fairy tale features--
Waterproof and wet LED yarn.
Thread of TheLED yarn
When rolled up, the lighting features can also work as a warning light, and the led is visible like a firefly.
Hanger sign/18.
5w digital hanger signage Category: 05.
Computer designer: 625x350x40mm and 5 for Weichuang.
The 5 kg logo is designed for clothing retailers.
Not only does it look like a hanger, it can also aspire to customers to access advertising and online fashion information and images from the cloud server via WiFi, creating an advertising business model by providing online advice as a fashion coordination trick.
Reader Category: 05.
Computer designer: Mingji company
\"Readers of Mingji\"Homer\" is a 6-
Portable Digital Reader with 800x600 resolution, designed for high reading quality, inspired by real-world book-
Reading needs to be read anytime, anywhere.
In the design of \"Ming Ji reader\", the simplicity and slim are emphasized.
Easy to carry, read and use.
The bookmark design on both sides makes it easy to turn pages, \"thumb space\" between pages\"
The page keys and the screen as well as the back also provide convenient hold, instinctive control and wifi complete e-commerce
Easy to read.
E & E screwdriver/ergonomic screwdriver category with no effort: 14.
Designer: National Taichung University of Education (NTCU)
The E & E screwdriver has an effortless handle with a hexagonal hole at the bottom that allows the hex wrench to enhance torque. The Aided-
Fasteners are able to enhance torque and minimize sliding between blades and screws in a limited space. The torsion-van spring (TVS)
The handle is embedded in the inner layer with 6 pieces of hard pp sheet and covered with soft TPR.
Tvs minimize the fatigue caused by extensive twisting and pushing the screwdriver. The cross-
The section blade design saves the use of steel and prevents breakage.
Damselfly/bike tools Category: 02.
Casual lifestyle designer: Birzman Damselfly looks like a silhouette of the fragile amselfly on the leaves, successfully providing elegant lines and comfortable ergonomics, which is an effective fix
The tool, made of 7075 aluminum alloy, is compact in structure, light in weight, about 40g, and is easy to store in rider\'s pocket or saddle bag.
It also has the perfect Y.
The transcendence and reversible design of 9 and 10 speeds. LED-
Escape/emergency direction light Category: 16.
Designer: Lite-Advanced Research
In technology company
The LED escape light can not only save lives, but also work as a portable LED flashlight and automatically project a map to show the road. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Tidal/LED beach safety sensors Category: 16.
Designer: Lite-Advanced Research
In technology company
The ebb and flow is a perfect beach companion
Electric sensors remind people of the tidal state, led flashing green at low tide, red at high tide.
Shower system Category: 16.
Designer: Lite-Advanced Research
In technology company
The BRS shower system is designed to reuse commonly wasted water when swimmers wait for water to heat up.
The system is already in-
When the swimmer opens the shower for the first time, install a transparent container to store cold water, which first points to the faucet and then fills the toilet tank.
When the stored water is used, the system changes the normal water supply. HC-Window/Double-
Pane window embedded in curtain Category: 11.
Architectural Designer: duck image Company, Ltd. This eco-Friendly windowand-
The curtain design hides the curtain and handle in one piece.
Inserting curtains between the two curtains solves the problem of exposure of traditional curtains to air, dust and stains;
And double
Window glass effectively reduces heat transfer between inside and outside, thus improving energy saving and reducing carbon.
LED bulb Category: 07.
Lighting Designer: wellypotronics Corporation eos led bulbs perfectly balance style and efficiency, covering the ugly radiator with a grille shield to keep the air inlet and accelerate the cooling through the stacking effect, thus
Aluminum and recycled plastic parts for rigidity and environmental protectionfriendliness.
EOS can easily replace 60w incandescent lamps with excellent energy saving and LED Light module output.
Lucky 7 faucet/kitchen faucet Category: 09.
Kitchen Home Designer: Shengtai copper ware Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
The lucky seven taps are not only functional but also symbolic.
Its spout looks like a growing stem, the lucky number is 7, the flowing water falls off like a petal, reminding the user to cherish the precious water.
The spout can rotate 360 【degrees]
And made corresponding adjustments. All-
Star MVP catcher mask/baseball catcher mask Category: 02.
Designer: Racing driver Sporting Goods Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
This catcher\'s mask has 21 vents throughout the shell, and in order to avoid direct contact with the surface, the vents are flush.
All ridges on the shell add strength and durability to the mask and enhance the style as well.
There are three \"bridges\" on the back panel, forcing the buckle to remain hooked.
A powerful center bar on the cage and its wedge design deflected the ball when it hit;
When the gap between the cage and the housing minimizes the impact from the ball to the head.
Ultra-thin folding chair/folding chair Category: 08.
Furniture Home Textile Designer: Shiang Ye Ind. , Co. , LTD.
This folding chair has no screws on the back and looks more slim and elegant but more stable than screwsfastened ones.
Keeping the same width as the frame makes it easier to store, but also prevents fingers from getting stuck between the frame tubes. The uniqueU-shaped seat-
It not only saves time and production costs, but also improves stability and safety. One-
Ultra-thin chandelier/LED lamps Category: 07.
Lighting Designer: Lei Yue Enterprise Co. , Ltd. , Ltd. The One-
The slim lighting features simple lines and creative use of extruded metal, forming an elegant style.
Its design is free and fun, as users can adjust the position and quantity of LED modules as needed to create a lighting atmosphere.
Horn bracket/Horn Category: 03.
Audio and video designer: Fruitshop International Co. , Ltd.
The IPhone horn holder was invented by the creative mind of the Bone, by the high
Quality material that reflects and enhances sound without insertion.
Users will not be interrupted when they work and exercise, but will be more free to use the iphone.
In order to streamline, the mold release properties of the silicone are prosecuted.
The easy assembly of the \"IPhone horn Holder\" is done with single silicone without bonding or screws. QLD-
Floor Lamp category 301/LED: 07.
Lighting Designer: Qisda/QisDesign QLD-
The 301 is an LED floor lamp with 3 overlapping and rotating lighting layers, each of which can be rotated up to 120-degrees.
The size of the Led is small and the temperature is low, and the user can create the ideal lighting effect and reading environment by operating the lamp, which has more interactive design than the traditional lamp.
The , essentially perfected by led pcb module, is one of the first home appliance to be widely distributed.
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