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curtain to go up on newly renovated paper mill playhouse

by:Demo     2020-08-16
This summer, the paper mill theater was renovated on a large scale;
This is the first major cosmetic surgery at the historic theater since 1982.
The work was completed in time before the opening of the 80 th anniversary season, including the replacement of all seats in the theater.
In addition, theater supporters are invited to purchase a plaque with a name as part of the theater\'s \"named seat\" fundraising campaign.
Donors, customers and stakeholders of the paper mill theater have the opportunity to find a seat in the newly renovated theater.
The price of the seat position is as follows: $3,000 for the orchestra seat;
$1,500 for mezzanine boxes;
Mezzanine seats are $750.
Seat requirements will be met at the first meetingcome, first-
Services are provided, giving priority to those who had a seat before. Call 973-315-
1659 or visit www. PaperMill.
Order a seat or get more information.
Seat name identification does not guarantee seat position for future performances.
In addition to the new seats, the room was replaced and the wheelchair bar was installed.
The huge cement pillars of the theater are covered with wood, and the area between the orchestra\'s horizontal seats and the mezzanine adds a grid.
The LED LED Light module box changed the atmosphere of the theater, the sound board moved forward, creating a complete road behind the theater.
New carpets, railings and curtains are also visible to the audience.
\"The Paper Mill Theater has been pleasing visitors in Milburn for nearly a century, providing a unique cultural experience for the entire state,\" Mark S said . \".
Hoebee, production art director, paper mill theater.
\"This renovation and your contribution to the\" Roll Call \"campaign ensure that we are able to influence the lives of the audience and students for future generations.
2018-anniversary paper factory theater
The start of the 2019 season will be \"purple\" day. 26.
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