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buy or sell-south korea led boom: too far, too fast?

by:Demo     2020-08-17
SEOUL, Feb 18 (Reuters)-
Korean lightsLEDs (LED)-
As global interest in energy is growing, related stocks have risen in recent months
Saving technology.
Since the end of October, Samsung ElectronicsMechanics (009150. KS)
Seoul Semiconductor (43%)046890. KQ)
Jinhu electric appliance (001210. KS)
The technology has more than doubled (045890. KQ)
Up 89%.
In the same period, South Korea\'s Composite Stock Price Index.
KS11 only rose 19%.
LED has lower power consumption and longer duration than traditional LED Light module sources, and is increasingly used in electronics from mobile phones to tablets
TV screen.
New demand for the product is emerging.
South Korea\'s government on Monday called for \"green growth\" in Asia\'s fourth country\"
The largest economy is proposing to replace all lighting in public facilities with LED lights from this year.
Investors began to doubt LED-
With the support of the industry\'s growth potential, the relevant stocks may rise further or whether the increase is too high.
Market participants who are currently bearish on LED stocks say retail investors are betting too much and too fast, driving up this year.
\"There is no doubt that the LED business has great growth potential in the long term
But LED manufacturers will not profit easily in the short term.
Kim said: \"terminology\"
Han, an analyst at Samsung Securities, added that the industry will face pullback.
\"As the LED market is still in its initial stages of development, participants will have to make huge investments. . .
Make their products more affordable. ” Lee Seung-
On June, the senior fund manager of the assets of maidas said that his 12-
The Industry\'s monthly price target has been broken by soaring share prices.
\"Given that it is difficult to measure the growth rate of the LED industry relatively accurately, it is better to wait and confirm the numbers before betting.
\"Valuations also seem very rich. Samsung Elec-
Compared with the PE of the KOSPI index 20, the forward earnings of Mech are 69 times.
Seoul Semiconductor Trade 52 times. CHERRY-
But some analysts say some LED stocks are still worth buying, especially as companies diversify their business portfolios. Samsung Elec-
Kum also produces electronic products, while Kumho Electric produces LCD monitors.
\"Considering Samsung Electronics-
The basic principle of machinery and its parts
Doing business is doing very well compared to struggling Japanese counterparts, and I would say the stock could go up further, \"Park Sang-
Analysts with Hyun, high investment and securities could reach 49,000 closeterm.
Lee Jung, analyst at Hana Daetoo Securities, maintained his \"buy\" rating on Kumho Elec and put it 12-
The monthly target price of 44,000 won, said the stock is still attractive.
He said: \"As it enters the LED lighting business, it has gained a very promising growth engine, and I suggest a more positive approach to this share at the current level.
Jinhu electric jump 14.
9% to 31,150 won on Wednesday, Samsung Electronics-Mech rose 3.
3% to 44,000 won(
Jonathan mahfner and editor of Muralikumar Anantharaman)
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