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bright outlook? lg strives to switch on oled light market

by:Demo     2020-08-26
According to LG Chem, OLED is the best manual lighting format currently in existence
But the market needs a lot of persuasion before accepting it. Seoul-
Based on LG chemistry has been in OLED (
Organic LEDs)
Has been the world\'s largest panel manufacturer since 2008, with competitors including Konica Minolta, Osram, Panasonic and Philips
Is an enthusiastic preacher of OLED LED Light module gospel.
The company recently hosted Seoul-
According to the reporter\'s visit to the brand
Seoul National University New Library
Top Korea-College of drawers
Where is OLED about 1,100 (
Organic LEDs)
The panel illuminates its main reading room.
They left a deep impression on people.
The top table has two rows in a row. headed, ultra-
Small table lamp, each with sensors
Adjustable light intensity.
The LG Chem staff said it was the largest OLED light installation in any building in the world.
\"OLED lighting is a brand
New technologies that didn\'t exist before, \"Chang said.
Hoon Jeong, head of marketing team for LG Chem OLED lighting department.
\"We hope that this famous library project will inspire the imagination of designers and help them.
Open the Global OLED lighting market.
The company\'s executives put forward a compelling case.
Claims OLED lighting meets international regulatory requirements for more environmental and energy-efficient
Efficient light sources, as well as consumer requirements for more suitable and flexible light sources.
However, there are still some obstacles that need to be crossed before OLED lighting achieves its potential.
First, the technology is 10 times the price of competing lighting products.
Second, executives complain about tradition
Manufacturers of consumer lighting need to push for new technology.
That\'s why it\'s possible that the employees of LG Chem, a classic B2B manufacturer, will update \"B2C marketing 101.
OLED light panels are related to OLED displays currently used in televisions and smartphones, but are different. (
Some background in the supply chain: LG Chem, the chemical and materials department of LG Group, provides some OLED materials to sister company LG Display, this in turn sells monitors to global TV and smartphone makers, including LG Electronics. )
From a historical point of view, there are few innovations in lighting technology, and it has been surprising recently.
The flames of fire, candles and lanterns illuminate human life for thousands of years.
Edison\'s light bulb only appeared in the 19 th century;
Fluorescent lighting is a product on the 20 th.
The first truly modern lighting is the lighting. LEDs (LED)lights.
LED lights glow by transmitting electricity between two semiconductor materials. More energy-
Compared to light bulbs or fluorescent tubes, their plates are more creative than their predecessors.
Another Beast is the OLED light panel.
Unlike LEDs, their materials are completely organic.
They are also more energetic.
High efficiency, resulting in less heat than lights, fluorescent lights or LED lights, which means they don\'t need any heat
Necessary improved fixtures in LED lights.
About 40,000 hours of light per OLED panel
The fluorescent tube is twice as large, but slightly behind the 50,000 hours of LED lights.
In terms of design, OLED panels-
Different from LED lights
Flexible and flexible, with greater creativity in applications.
In addition, the thickness of the OLED light panel is 1 out of 10 of the LEDs, and the weight is 1 out of 5 of the LEDs (literally)“light lights.
LG Chem claims that OLED is also the form of illumination closest to sunlight, but it will emit zero ultraviolet rays, which can cause wrinkles and skin aging and emit zero glare, A contributing factor to eye fatigue.
\"OLED is a new technology, so no medical research has been done yet, but it seems reasonable to assume that the widespread adoption of such lighting is beneficial to the eyes
The health of the world . \"
\"OLED is easier in the eyes than any other form of artificial lighting.
\"Given all these advantages, why is the world not clamoring for OLED lights?
The lighting industry is often said to be \"conservative \".
\"This is completely different from the It industry, and this is an era --
\"This is a process of persuading customers in the industry,\" he said . \".
\"But once they get a request [their]
Customers, they will move.
For this reason LG Chem does not wait for light industry manufacturers to get information, but it is very unusual for B2B companies who are advancing various marketing plans for light industry customers and even direct B2C sales.
\"We have two strategies: one is to work with traditional [companies. lighting]
Joon Park, vice president of OLED LED Light module marketing strategy, LG Chem said.
\"The second goal is for architects, interior designers and lighting designers.
LG Chem has sold OLED desk lamps in the United States.
Based on chain stores and online;
The oled diy kit is coming soon.
The company is working to simplify the application-OLED lights are very slim and can be installed with magnetic solutions or even double
Edge tape.
The staff pointed out a series of pilot applications.
In addition to the Seoul National University Library, OLED panels are also used to illuminate the wooden roof beams of Seoul Korean OK or traditional Korean huts: their low-heat features make them ideal for simplicityto-
Destruction of heritage materials
Also in Seoul, the fashion Jiangnan and the \"Marley\" coffee shop of the pear Thai Academy glue together the 53x55mm OLED lighting panels to form butterflies --
Hanging on the ceiling like wings.
These \"wings\" are attached to the motion sensor, which flashes when motion is detected.
In London, a project features OLED lights in the \"Tincan\" restaurant designed by AL_A architects;
The simplicity of the OLED panel enables AL_A to design and manufacture lamps and lanterns on its own.
Meanwhile, London
The architects based in Grimshaw are sponsoring an OLED lighting design competition.
More traditionally, LG Chem is working with automakers in Japan and Europe (
The name of the company is not called)
The goal is to launch OLED taillights.
Even so, the OLED panel market is expected to reach $82 million by 2015.
But it will soon climb to $4.
7 billion according to data from UBI Research in Seoul, by 2020
Based on consultation. Ji Mok-
Hyun, a technical analyst at Meritz Securities in Seoul, is also bullish.
\"Right now, the market is small, but within three months --
Five years later, I expect the market to take off . \"
However, Ji said that it is necessary to reduce the price of OLED lighting to make it feasible.
LG Chem needs to invest in a brand in order to cut prices significantly
Analysts say the new production line costs about $1.
But on the question of when to make such investments, LG Chemical executives are still vague.
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