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bmc gives green signal to yellow leds on marine drive

by:Demo     2020-09-03
Mumbai: Marine Drive, which will be 100 kilometers next month, is likely to regain the \"Queen\'s tie\" yellow flash soon.
In a recent joint survey by a team of BMC, BEST and traffic officials, it was thought that the yellow LED light was the perfect match for the old sodium steam light and was replaced by a white LED light.
The replacement was completed in January.
BMC says the LED light has energy.
Efficient and economicaleffective.
However, under subsequent instructions from the Bombay High Court, the municipal commissioner, Ajoy Mehta, had to direct energy efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
Install the yellow LED light on the Marine Drive as early as possible.
On October, 16 white LED lights near the wankheide Stadium turned yellow on the basis of the experiment.
A joint investigation was conducted later.
An official at EESL said, \"the intensity of the lights is measured.
Everyone feels that the lighting of the yellow LED light is close to the LED Light module of the old sodium steam lamp.
Therefore, we are most likely to continue using yellow LED lights throughout the 4 LED lights. 3km boulevard.
Now that the formula has been determined, it will take about two weeks for us to install once the official order comes in to replace the lights.
The new lights will be brought from Jaipur.
\"BMC officials are expected to inform EESL of the changes that need to be made soon.
Meanwhile, a senior citizen official said the Mumbai Heritage Protection Commission also gave yellow LEDs as it moved on.
\"The members of the heritage committee believe that the yellow LED light is energy --
It is easier to see and save throughout the stretch.
Also, since the traffic department also gave the lights, everyone seems to be on the same page.
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