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biolite brings its customizable nanogrid lighting system to the campsite

by:Demo     2020-08-16
Over the past few years, we have subscribed on YouTube, and the number of options we have for camp lighting has grown significantly.
The days of wearing a headlamp or using a bulky propane lamp have passed, as a more bright and efficient complex LED lighting system has become prominent.
One of the companies that has been at the forefront of this movement is the Nano-production line of lightingite and its lighting products.
Now, the outdoor brand is expanding its lineup further, offering some interesting new ways to brighten the night.
Biolite debuted in time during the summer camping season, launching four new members for the fully modular Nanogrid family.
These products include Baselantern and Baselantern XL, as well as the Sitelite Mini and Sitelite XL, which have been added to Sitelight, which already includes Powerlight, Powerlight Mini, and standard edition.
Each of these projects is built to work seamlessly with each other to create an intelligent rechargeable lighting system for use almost anywhere.
The new Baselanterns are designed as the central hub of the Nanogrid system.
Both the standard and XL models are able to delay lighting up to 500 lumens and are equipped with two USB ports that allow them to charge other devices.
Lanterns can also power LED Light module stoo, Biolite\'s portable string camp, all of which have Bluetooth connections that allow users to control the setup of the nano-robot via a smartphone or tablet.
The standard Baselantern is equipped with a 7,800 mAh battery and the XL model is equipped with a 12,000 mAh power supply.
Both can be charged through standard wall sockets or Biolite\'s solar panel 5.
For some time, standard siteliight has become a part of the Biolite directory and a fanfavorite.
These string lights can be hung on trees, tent poles, or other items, and can emit up to 150 lumens of LED Light module throughout the camp.
The new Sitelight Mini adopts the same design principle, reducing it to a smaller, more compact version while providing the same lighting level.
At the same time, the Sitelight XL raises the brightness to 300 lumens with foldable, easy-to-disassemble featuresto-
Carry fabric lanterns to further enhance their light.
Now every new Nanogrid product is available.
The standard Baselantern is priced at $100, while the XL model will cut your price by $130.
The SiteLight Mini costs $20, while the SiteLight XL costs $30.
Find out more about bioliteenergy. com.
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