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billie jean led light-up disco shoes

by:Demo     2020-08-14
These shoes have LED floor tiles and pressure switches attached to the bottom so that they light up when you drop your feet, just like Michael Jackson\'s Billy Jean video.
They are powered by the battery pack you put in your pocket.
The project was built in a hurry at a party and there are a lot of things I would like to do better with it.
Still, they are still great and bright enough for the club.
They look surprisingly cool when they don\'t LED Light module up.
* Shoes with hard soles, not white paint for rubber * Shoes * wires * 24 highlighted led.
I used the 20000mcd 5mm diffuse glow * pretty durable microswitch * about 30 cm square meters (
See how big your feet are! )
Step 1, make the frame * 3D battery stand simple.
Remove the shoes and spray them white except the toes.
This year, I want to get as few new items as possible to complete all my projects, so I just bought an old pair of shoes from the charity store with a hard sole.
This photo basically shows what happened below.
The top is made of 6mm transparent polycarbonate (more shatter-
Resistant to acrylic).
I left the white cover at the bottom of the polycarbonate to spread/translucent it.
There is no load bearing on the side of the frame box.
And don\'t load up-bearing.
All your weight goes through the toe and heel pillars in the center of the tile.
The pillars of the toes and heels are made of 30mm square pieces of wood.
The sides are made of 6mm plywood and they are only used as a place to install the led and prevent the side from leaking light.
They are screwed on the parts in the corner, which are screwed on the polycarbonate.
LEDsI uses 9 LEDs per shoe, which provides good brightness for clubs or other dark parties.
Install the LED by drilling two small holes on the side of the frame and then passing the LED leg through the small hole.
To connect LEDs, I used a long strand of bare wire inside and outside the frame and welded it to the LED leg to connect them in parallel.
This photo shows how to install the micro switch on the toe pillar.
The switch should be pressed when the toe pillar is on par with the floor. Simple!
So now you can see the top of the tile.
I just simply put the black glue on the outside side to bring the covered wire to make it look better.
Also, you can see 4 screws (countersunk)
Hold the toe pillar and the two screws that hold the heel pillar.
I\'m using 2x3 now.
5mm mono headphones
Type socket, use about 30 cm of the wire as a power connector.
They go through a hole from the top of the tile, close to the position of the shoe, on the inside of your foot.
You put a battery box in your pants pocket and then extend it down each leg with 3 cables.
5mm mono headphones
Type the plug at the bottom.
At the end of the day, I stuffed the attached connector into my socks, which was great.
Once you have everything checked, hot glue is OK.
Use hot glue to fix the led on all wires etc.
I just used a 3D battery box.
It\'s easy enough power for a night.
I have welded 2 leads, each with just 30 cm on my leg.
As I said in my last step, they have 3.
They have 5mm headphone connectors at the end, so you can easily insert/unplug your shoes without messing up the wires in your pants.
This is a step I really didn\'t do.
Basically you want to have your toes attached but don\'t have your heels or you will find it difficult to walk.
Finally, I just cut the crack on the top of the shoe and use the screws.
My approach is: 1.
Arrange the shoes on the toe pillar and the heel pillar.
Make sure that the holes you are going to drill don\'t hit the existing screws that hold the toe pillar on polycarbonate3. scalpel a 1.
Toe top have 5 cm of gap.
Through the cracks, through the bottom of the shoe, through polycarb, into the wood, drill a 3mm hole. remove shoe.
Expand the hole of the polycarbonate, but do not expand the hole of the wood so that your self-tapping screw does not break it as it passes through the polycarbonate.
Replace the shoes, arrange everything, then screw your screws through the gaps and screw them down.
The screw head will eventually go through the slit and sink well into the bottom of the shoe.
Use the countersunk screws. 7.
Apply a little paint on the crack.
That\'s what you did!
So put the battery case in your trouser pocket, bring down the leads of each trouser leg and connect! ! Have fun!
= You will get a lot of attention and people will dance around you on the dance floor and you will feel a little shallow but you like it!
The best way to chat is to invite someone to join your dance floor so they can stand on your tiles/dance on your tiles, which basically puts them on top of your head. Enjoy!
Don\'t use these shoes for evil!
It\'s clear that the multi-colored lights will be great.
But if I make a simple change, I will add a simple flash circuit activated by the switch.
So, when you don\'t lift your feet,g.
Standing dancing in a place, the lights will flash and make things look more interesting.
Obviously you can light up the lights by fiddling with the connection on the battery case, but it makes it look like you\'re playing your own game in your trouser pocket.
In this form, these shoes are only suitable for hard floors.
For a festival I will rebuild them with a bottle crate (
Plastic boxes designed to hold many bottles)underneath.
I will put the pressure sensor in my shoes instead of on the ground.
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