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best to use led lights on mumbai streets | mumbai news - times of india

by:Demo     2020-08-11
Mumbai: The best plan to replace all street lights in Mumbai with LED lights: The move is expected to save the city 40% of its electricity.
Om Prakash Gupta, best general manager, said, \"We have started pilot projects for LED lights in several wards, which may soon be replicated throughout the city.
The lights will be brighter and will help when traveling late at night.
\"This will be replicated throughout the city soon.
At the moment, the best officials are checking the stability of these LED lights, especially in the case of heavy rain, he added.
Bad weather
One of the best spokesmen said there were a total of 32,685 LED Light module poles and 39,300 LED Light module bulbs in Mumbai.
\"The LED will also be a brighter LED Light module and it will help citizens on a late night trip,\" Gupta said.
\"Island cities have had several complaints about crimes such as theft of chains and car music systems on dimly lit roads.
Irfan Machiwala, a Mahim activist, said, \"there is a dimly lit lane on the l j road of Mahim, and we have been doing our best in the past to complain about the increase in crime in the area.
Street lamps are not suitable and should be replaced.
\"We also replaced some of the bulbs in the warehouse with LED lights,\" a senior official said . \".
Gupta added that as part of the best festival celebration of August 7, its power users will be introduced into a facility under which they can pay their bills using their mobile phones. One such sub-
A pilot project has been set up in Morarjee Mills and two more 33kV are planned to be added.
\"We also plan to build two new substations soon, which will occupy limited space but will meet more consumers,\" he said . \".
BEST will also launch more automatic meter readers to be able to download the Times of India news app from a distance to view meter readings in the latest cities.
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