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bayer materialscience\'s polycarbonate portfolio helps bring innovative, attractive and energy-efficient led lighting to market.

by:Demo     2020-08-31
Santa Clara, California, February 13, 2013-(PR. com)--
The lighting industry has been looking to bring new, innovative, attractive and energy
Efficient products to market.
With professional technical knowledge, Bayer Materials Science Co. , Ltd. can help lighting designers and OEMs to do this.
In February, Bayer will showcase the expertise and polycarbonate product line of its lighting applications at its booth 401. 12-
Santa Clara, California, 14
There\'s a sneak peek here.
Polyester plastic--Makrolon[R]
6265X polyester plastic: Molded-
In terms of color, this level allows for high optical efficiency while providing different reflectivity for various applications.
Laboratory of insurance company (UL)with a UL 94 V-0 rating at 1.
5mm, used to produce high
Provide LED Troffer reflector for 12 LEDs for the optical department of en. --
Makrolon LED2643 polycarbonate plastic: Bayer has developed polycarbonate plastic of this grade to improve the light transfer and thermal stability and high flux of LED light sources. It is animpact-
UL-certified and grade f1 wear-resistant material for wet outdoor applications. AURA[TM]
UVinfusion technology can extend the product life of the lens, cover and transparent shell by increasing the retention rate of color, clarity and optical performance. --
Makrolon FR7087 polycarbonate plastic: the clarity of this material is different.
In fact, it is considered the first transparent polycarbonate with a UL 94 flame rating of 5VA 3. 0 mm.
Applications include lens, housing and electrical housing that are really important.
When TerraGlo needs an optical transparent material that meets the 3-3 strict guidelines, it uses the Makrolon FR7087 polycarbonate
Mm thick lens cover for Alba series lamps. --
Makrolon TC8030 polycarbonate plastic: the manufacturer uses this grade of thermal conductivity to heat in place of aluminum
LED replacement light and sinkapplication for next-
A generation of lamps.
The advantages of the Makrolon TC8030 plastic include corrosion resistance, weight savings and greater design freedom.
UL 94 flame rating for Makrolon TC8030polycarbonate is V-0 at 2.
0mm and isalso f1 are listed.
Polyester plate--
Makrolon lumens XT sheet: specially developed for diffusion lenses in LED lighting fixtures, this material spreads light evenly while passing through UL 94 V-
2 flammable grade.
It also provides the impact resistance of Bayerpolycarbonate for damage-prone areas.
Because of its light
Diffusion properties, Makrolon Lumen XT is the first choice for lighting in the CommScope food service area in the United States. S.
The Chicago White Sox home court.
LED lighting fixtures with MakrolonLumen XT replaced outdated T12 fluorescent lamps to save energy and maintenance costs.
Polyester Film--Makrofol[R]
Polycarbonate film grade for optical management: LM228, LM309 and lm905.
These translucent materials are filled with light.
The scattering agent, combined with the surface texture, provides a variety of Transmission and Diffusion combinations to meet the LED Light module guidance and LED Light module reflection needs of the end user.
Optical diffuser for consumer goods and other backlight displays usually use film grade. --
Makrofol LM296 polycarbonate film: The grade is customized in applications using the \"black panel\" technology.
It allows optical transmission through a film of different thickness at a specified wavelength.
The thickness, surface and wave length of the optical transmission have a high tolerance.
This grade is used for automotive instrument clusters and related central stack applications. --
Makrofol LM903 polycarbonate film: This is a molded, opaque white extrusion film that provides very high light reflection performance for LCD and LED backlight as well as other reflector lighting applications.
Visit Booth 401 of in for your debut
Take a look at the material solutions Bayer offers for the lighting industry.
About Bayer Materials Science Co. , Ltd. : Bayer Materials Science Co. , Ltd. is one of the leading producers of polymer and high polymer
High-performance plastics in North America, part of the global Bayer Materials science business, has about 14,800 employees in 30 production bases around the world, with 2011 of sales of 10. 8billion euros.
Bayer materials science has sales of $2011 in North America. 9 billion.
The company produces high
High-tech polymer materials and develop innovative solutions for products in many areas of daily life.
The main areas of service include the automotive, electrical and electronics, construction, medical, sports and leisure industries.
Sustainability is at the heart of Bayer Materials Science LLC\'s business, focusing on key areas such as innovation, product management, superior corporate management, social responsibility, and respect for the environment.
Contact: John Skabardonis, Phone: 412-777-
5200 mail: John.
Skabardonis @ Bayer
Com for more information about spolymaterial material products offered by Bayer Materials science for LED lighting market, call1-800-662-
2927, email pcinfo @ Bayer.
Or visit www. bmsnafta. com.
For more information on polycarbon compounds from Bayer Materials Science Co. , Ltd. , please visit www. bayerfilms. com. Forward-
This press release may contain forward-looking statements
Forward-looking statements based on current assumptions and forecasts from Bayer Group or sub-group management.
Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors may lead to significant differences between the actual future results of the company, financial position, development or performance and the estimates given here.
These factors include the factors discussed in Bayer\'s public report published on Bayer\'s website atwww. bayer. com.
The company does not assume any responsibility for these forwarding updates
Look at events or developments that state or make it in line with the future.
Contact Information: John Skabardonis, Bayer Materials Science Co. , Ltd. 412-777-
5200 contact by emailbmsnafta.
For more information about Bayer Materials Science LLC, please visit777-
3983 or visit www. bmsnafta. com.
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