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bathroom lock led light

by:Demo     2020-08-28
I just thought it would be cool if the lock on my bathroom door lit up in red when it was locked.
I don\'t think it\'s hard to do either.
When I finished, I was very surprised at how cool the effect was!
So this is a very simple project that everyone can do with an awesome result.
Below you can see the results of a movie I made.
If you like my Instructure and my other LED Instructure, please vote for me :)Oh. . .
And a note!
I also purposely led the Instructure Patch by Domo Kun \'.
The top 3 members who upload the results of their own bathroom lock LED lights will get a patch!
This structure is very simple and does not require much. You need:-
3 v red LED LED Light module-
3 v button battery (
I use CR2032)-
Wire-Aluminium foil-
Small pieces of tapeScrewdriver-
There are a lot of materials and methods that scissors can use to build this.
I just used the stuff around me and started from scratch.
There are not many steps so I will explain on page 1.
Use images to get a vision of how to build it.
Step 1: First, we need to remove the aluminum plate (
With a screwdriver)
We can see our LED lights from the bathroom door.
Step 2: If your plate is powered on, we need to put some tape in it first so that there is no short circuit.
Then we put a piece of aluminum foil in it (see image 2).
Step 3: Use negative tape for 3 v button battery (-)
Side of aluminum foil (see image 3).
Step 4: positive (+)
Leg from Red 3 v LED to front (+)
3 v button battery side (see image 4).
Step 5: connect one end of the wire to the negative pole (-)
Legs of Red 3 v LED (see image 5).
Connect the other side of the wire to the side of the rotating disc (see image 5). DONE! That\'s all. Easy huh? :)
Now, when you turn the lock, the disc will rotate 90 degrees and the wire attached to the disc will be connected to the aluminum foil.
This will complete the circuit that lights the LED (see image 6).
Don\'t forget to vote for me on the LED contest!
The top 3 members who post their own photo/video of the Lock LED LED Light module will receive a specially made \"domo Kun LED Instructure patch \"!
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