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7 reasons why should you switch to led tube light ...

by:Demo     2020-08-06
LED lights are slowly replacing old technologies such as traditional filament bulbs and CFL lighting.In addition to economic savings, there are many reasons why led is the first choice for lighting.LED manufacturing is environment-friendly and has no harmful substances and gases that are filled in other lamps and the power that the lights themselves end up using is much smaller.
LED lighting manufacturers reduce lighting costs in order to compete with traditional lighting products.1.Research shows that the use power of LED is reduced by 80% compared with other lighting!This not only means you can save a lot on your electricity bill, but you can also save the environment!Replacing traditional tube lights with led is a reliable way to reduce waste.2.: As we mentioned before, the price of LED downlights is now competing with the traditional downlights.
As a result, prices vary in all respects.
If you would like to replace all the tube lights, please ask your supplier for more details and maybe better.3.Compared with traditional LEDs, LEDs provide better quality brightness.You can even replace the two traditional downlights in the room with an LED light, as the LED Light module coming out is much brighter!4.
LED downlights emit much less heat than traditional downlights.This is especially important in countries like India where high temperatures can lead to death.Replace your traditional downlight and feel the room temperature drop!5.
Studies have shown that when the cycle is properly turned on and off, the LED tube light lasts much longer than the conventional tube LED Light module.Not only are they cheaper, but they tend to last longer.6.Led does not have substances such as mercury, ar, which are filled in CFL, leaving a large carbon footprint.
In addition to this, the LED consumes less power per se and has a strong impact on the environment.7.Visit the manufacturer or supplier of LED lighting products and you will be surprised to see the scope of lighting solutions!LED, thanks to its inherent technology, can be made into panels, cone hangers, and even hand-held flashlights in addition to traditional bulbs and tubes!
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