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220v led light bulb on battery

by:Demo     2020-08-15
How the incredible led bulb on the battery converts the 220 v led bulb to run on the battery, any led bulb can be converted in this way.
In this video, any led powered by a 220 v power supply will operate at a DC voltage, you will find out how to convert any power led bulb to run the inverter used to increase the voltage on the battery and 220 v led bulb, and you will be able to run the 220 v led bulb from 1.
5 v battery or Li-
Ion batteries, even 12 v lead-acid batteries.
Join the noskillsquired Channel first, you will choose your led bulb from the beginning of buying a cheap led bulb, then remove the plastic cover and think you are repairing this led bulb.
We will proceed to remove the 220 V led bulb.
Very easy, you have to first remove the plastic cover that is glued to the led body and then remove the end connector to the main socket, you will have the following sections: the led chip connects 2 wires to the driver, which is not complicated.
All led bulbs are different, so all drivers and led voltages are different.
In the future, you can see similar led in the picture using this driver
The time 220 v led bulb driver is not complicated with some capacitors and resistors and bridge rectifier.
You can use this on future led.
This special output 220 v no load and 130 v load leads.
So we can make the inverter dc-In the future video-
Can output 220 v or 130 v dc, we can output from 12 v-3. 7v or even a 1. 5v battery.
LED light is a light or bulb used in lighting equipment that uses light to produce light
LEDs (LEDs).
The Life and electrical efficiency of LED lights is several times higher than that of incandescent lamps, which is much more efficient than most incandescent lamps similar to fluorescent lamps and most fluorescent lamps (e. g.
Tube and compact fluorescent tube)
, Led to full brightness without the need for warmthup time;
Frequent switches also reduce the life of fluorescent lighting.
The initial cost of the LED is usually high.
Over time, the degradation of LED chips and packaging materials reduces the LED Light module output to a certain extent.
Some LED lights are made into direct compatible drops-
Replace incandescent or fluorescent lamps.
LED light packages can display lumens output, wattage power consumption, color temperature in kelvins or descriptions (e. g. \"warm white\")
, The operating temperature range, sometimes the equivalent wattage of incandescent lamps similar to the luminous output.
We can make our power supply with 20-
30 9 v Series batteries, because these small batteries have those special connectors that can easily connect one, we can make a power supply that outputs as much voltage as possible too much.
LED drivers are an important part of LED lights or lamps.
A good LED driver can guarantee the long life of the LED system and provide additional functions such as dimming and control.
The LED driver can be placed inside the lamp or lamp, called the built-in-
In or outside of a type, it is called a stand-alone type.
Depending on the application, different types of LED drivers need to be applied, for example, outdoor drivers for street lights, indoor point drivers for downlights, and an indoor linear driver for panel lights.
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