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2011-16 ford f250 f350 40\" curved led light bar installation

by:Demo     2020-09-07
This is the brightest and longest LED light strip so far.
At a length of 42 \", it has up to 80 diodes with a rated power of 30 W per diode, a total of 240 W.
While this LED light strip provides the best utility, you can swap it with a factory hook.
Removing the tow hook is a step more than any of our other LED light strip installation guides, and when you consider that you will be installing the brightest LED light strip available today, it doesn\'t look much.
That being said, this is how to install the 240W double
LED light strip.
You can see 2011-2016 Ford F-
250 40 \"Curved LED LED Light module strip on our website or Amazon.
Find two bolts with the tow hook.
Unscrew the two bolts on both sides and loosen the bumper.
There are three bolts to unscrew the chassis as shown in the figure.
Use a smaller saw or chainsaw to cut off the traction hook ring.
Fix the bumper holder and bumper in place.
Align the LED light pole mounting bracket and fix it.
When the nut holds the bolt on the bracket, the Bolt holds the LED light strip on the bracket.
Although you may have lost the use of the factory tractor hook, you have obtained the most superior lighting, and you can find any place that suits you in the lower bumper area of the Super Duty, perfectly shaped the curved outline of the bumper.
Whether to use 42 \"240 W double
Our LED light bars or sports
LED truck lighting products, you can combine style with utility in the best way possible!
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