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why you should switch to led lightbulbs right now, before the law requires it

by:Demo     2020-08-10
When Jason Chroman moved from San Francisco to the suburbs, he and his family moved into a bigger, newer house.
It was all very exciting until their first electricity bill arrived.
\"The House may be 30% larger, but the electricity bill is 200% more,\" says Mr Chroman . \".
So he began to look around and wanted to know what could be done with such a great force.
When he looked up, he found the answer: \"Because it\'s a new house, it has a lot of embedded lighting, all of which are incandescent lamps,\" he said.
Guo Wen is vice president of finance for Silicon Valley startups
So he put the money-making skills he honed on his job and worked at home.
The question is: due to the higher cost of LED bulbs but less energy used, how long will they pay for themselves?
He was surprised to find that due to the high energy prices in California, he could recover the cost in less than two months.
\"When I calculated the economics of each bulb, I upgraded all the bulbs in the house,\" said Chroman . \".
\"I spent a lot of money, but my electricity bill fell by about half.
How much electricity was consumed by the lighting surprised me.
\"The federal government seized the high cost and energy consumption of lighting in 2007 and passed a law stipulating that the efficiency of light bulbs must be tripled by 2020.
Congress has not declared old.
Old-fashioned \"Edison\" bulb
Because it\'s something we \'ve used since Thomas Edison.
But it is also possible because there is no incandescent lamp anywhere close to the new standard.
States can then choose to accelerate change, and California has made progress in that regard.
From the beginning of the new year, California retailers must exhaust the supply of incandescent lamps and then only sell bulbs that meet the new standards, which means led and compact fluorescent bulbs.
The rest of the country will follow up in two years.
Chroman\'s house is large and he has high power, but the numbers are convincing even for a more ordinary family.
Houses in the United States use an average of 40 light bulbs.
The average electricity bill is 13 cents per kWh.
If all 40 bulbs are 75 W incandescent lamps, this is very typical and you can convert to 11 W LEDs to get the same amount of LED Light module.
Suppose you turn on 40 lights five hours a day.
In this case, the homeowner will save $600 a year by switching the bulb from an incandescent lamp to an LED.
But what about the cost of the bulb itself?
When the led was first listed, the label was seriously hit.
For example, LED spotlight bulbs used to cost as much as $100. No more.
I went through the internet and found that a lot of LED bulbs cost $5 each, and they cost less due to rebates offered by power companies.
In contrast, the price of incandescent lamps is about a dollar, although prices may rise with less because of government requirements.
Prices vary, but let\'s call the cost difference between the base LED and the incandescent lamp $4.
According to the math above, the monthly usage of a bulb is saved by $1. 25.
Therefore, most people will be able to recover the cost of the new LED bulb in just over three months.
Led saves you time in addition to saving money-
Fewer trips to the store and up the ladder.
They lasted about 25,000 hours.
If you light up five hours a day like the example above, it\'s over 13 years.
In contrast, incandescent lamps last only 1,200 hours, while compact fluorescent lamps last 8,000 hours.
Of course, LED bulbs also save energy.
This is what the government first sought.
You have less pressure on your wallet, but less pressure on the grid.
Take advantage of the cost-time-
There may be some objections to saving energy that need to be overcome.
Color: Early LEDs often emit cold, bright lightwhite LED Light module.
Newer LED bulbs are labeled \"soft white\" or \"warm white\" and glow like old ones
Old-fashioned incandescent lamps.
Look for the color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin.
Shape: LED bulbs are now available for almost any purpose.
In addition to regular bulbs and spotlights --
Chandelier, light bulb
Three-shaped bulbs
bulbs on the market, even Christmas lights.
Dimming: unlike earlier LED and compact fluorescent bulbs or CFLs, many LED bulbs are dimmable, most of which are still not dimmable.
Quality: not all LEDs are equal.
To know that you are buying the most efficient LEDs, look for the Energy Star label.
This means that when turned on, they meet the standards of brightness, color quality, efficiency, stability, and instant lighting.
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