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why you need led light bulbs in your home -

by:Demo     2020-08-08
Life without light is very difficult.During the day, the sun is our main source of light and energy, but at night, we rely on LED Light module bulbs for lighting.This will allow us to have normal activities 24 hours a day.Today, the United States has grown to such a level that if only 15 to 30 minutes of power is turned off, the entire production in the United States will be reduced by 10%.This will set the whole country back and show how much we are now dependent on light and power.The energy of over-used non-renewable resources is not good for the environment and will decrease rapidly over time.We need energy efficient bulbs so we can use the same amount in the future.In addition, we can also reduce energy spending by using energy-saving bulbs.Traditional bulbs are called incandescent lamps, which consume more energy to produce LED Light module.Lighting up your house with them will waste a lot of energy.As humans, we started our artificial lighting pioneers through incandescent lamps, but we can\'t use them forever.We are complacent about using these energy consumption.Fortunately, there have been some recent advances in lighting technology to replace this outdated technology.Incandescent lamps consume more energy and generate heat and LED Light module.Unwanted heat is a place where there is no need to waste energy.As consumers, we ended up paying a lot of money for wasted energy.In general, we can save at least $50 a year if we don\'t use incandescent lamps.If every family in the United States changes some old incandescent lamps, we can save millions of dollars in energy waste.Compared with incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, also known as CFL bulbs, are a good energy-saving device.A 14-The watt CFL bulb is equivalent to 60-Incandescent lamps in Watt.While the energy saving effect of CFL bulbs is good, there are some trade-offs to use them.Typically, the CFL bulb emits less heat and uses more energy flow to shine.There will be a lot less energy waste, and the CFL bulbs usually have a good life span.The CFL bulb will last between 8,000 and 12,000 hours in normal use.The cost of the CFL bulb is higher than the incandescent lamp, but the upfront cost is repaid by not paying for wasted energy.LEDs, also known as LED bulbs, are a very good energy-saving device compared to all other technologies.At first, LED bulbs were used as pen lights, but today we can find many products that are suitable for home use.They have a long life span, usually over 20,000 hours.Most importantly, they only use 70-80% of the energy used by conventional incandescent lamps.The initial cost of these LED bulbs is high, but they will pay back your investment in a few months.They can be used as home lighting compared to other technologies and consume much less energy.Choose the best bulb for your app to save the most money and energy.

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