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us introduces $60 led light bulb

by:Demo     2020-08-26
A prize-
Award-winning bulbs for 20 years will be available in the US on Sunday
Also known as Earth Day.
The bulb was manufactured by Dutch electronics giant Philips to replace the filament.
LEDs provide lighting.
The use of LEDs gives LED Light module a long life and a high price.
The first version will cost $60 (£37).
Philips has arranged discounts for some stores that will sell bulbs, which means that some stores can only buy bulbs for $20 (£12).
The bulb won the Bright Tomorrow competition hosted by the US Department of Energy, which aims to find an alternative to energy conservation
Incandescent lamps in Watt.
The Department of Energy asked the company to develop a warm-LED Light module design similar to incandescent lamps, but it was more energy-efficient.
Philips is the only entrant, and its design went through 18 months of testing before it was announced as the winner.
Philips has sold a cheaper, less efficient LED bulb in the US and Europe.
LED bulbs face competition for compact fluorescent lamps that are much less energy-efficient and cost-effective.
Sales of more energy-efficient bulbs have benefited from the official termination of the production of higher-power incandescent lamps.
The United States and Europe have stopped production of 100-watt bulbs.
Europe has stopped producing 60-watt bulbs, and the United States is phasing out.
From 2014, incandescent lamps of 40 watts or more will be banned in the United States.
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