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upgrade your rv with led lighting

by:Demo     2020-08-04
If you do a lot of boonboxing (
No connection during camping)
, Then you know that battery life is one of the most important things you have to plan, especially if you have a small battery pack.
A good way to save a lot of power is to convert existing incandescent lighting to LED lighting.
LEDs represent LEDs that provide light in very different ways than incandescent or fluorescent sources.
The biggest benefit for boondocker is that the power required for the led to run is very small, so you don\'t have to care so much about turning off the lights when you don\'t need them.
How much power can you save via LED?
In a typical travel trailer like 27 feet with a super slide and a couple of bunk beds, you may have 20 12 Watt incandescent lamps.
If you turn all of this on at one time, you will get a DC power supply of about 20 am ps.
After a few hours, your singles are 24 groups 12-
Volt\'s running out of power.
You don\'t have much time left to finish a 2-even if you have two batteries-
Weekend without battery charge.
Now, if you replace each internal incandescent lamp in this fictional travel trailer with 24 LED array warm color lights, the drawing for each lamp is 190 mA and the total power consumption drops to 3.
8 amps, more than 5 times less power consumption.
You are unlikely to replace each incandescent lamp with 24 LED array lamps, but you can, if you do, you will use less power of 5 times even if you turn on each lamp.
There are several different routes you can take when you do the LED lighting mod: separate lights such as night lights or reading lights, all or some interior lights, interior and exterior, storage room, etc.
Much depends on your budget and the cool factors you\'re trying to achieve.
Replacing every incandescent lamp may break your piggy bank, but doing something can still help save some battery power.
Like in the bathroom, using a single LED for night lighting can really save lives.
Well, it may not save your life, but if you have to get up at two o\'clock A. M. you won\'t be blinded by the light and you should be able to go back to bed right away.
A single LED connected by the SPST toggle switch installed on a bathroom light fixture can provide enough light to carry out your business.
Maybe you just want to turn off some lights like the ones on your bed which are usually too bright to read.
In addition to replacing the bulb, there is no need to modify the lighting equipment for the directly replaced LED lights.
For this type of LED light, use the \"warm white\" type.
Cool white LEDs provide blue color for light colors and may not be interested in your reading taste.
Warm white LEDs provide yellow light that is very similar to ordinary incandescent lamps.
If you plan to replace the main light inside the RV and there is a switch in the middle, you can replace only one bulb to reduce the cost.
In this way, not only can you save money, but you can also provide more light by turning on the second bulb when you need it.
For this case, you should consider an led with a beam angle of at least 120 degrees.
This is the angle from which the light is projected.
If you want to light up a large area, the wider the better.
These lamps are typically configured in a flat package with many LEDs, up to 36 in some cases.
They just stick it on the fixture with Velcro and insert it like a standard bulb.
Another cool LED mod is to install the LED rope light under the RVs countertop.
Many premium RVs have this feature as a standard option, but there is no reason why you can\'t have this elegant look.
First of all, let someone help you test the length of the rope and make sure you have enough length to accommodate the entire countertop.
Then buy a pair.
Stick the tape to the cabinet or under the countertop and you want the rope to run there.
If you still have the rest of the rope, drill a hole in the diameter of the rope and pass the excess through the hole.
Stick the rope to the tape and press hard.
You can also add a switch to control the power of the rope.
The stepping light is also another simple LED module with very small power consumption.
You don\'t have to worry if you forget to turn it off because it can be turned on for a few days and the battery is also easy to turn on.
You can use the courtesy light or the amber side marker light.
These are mounted on several screws below the stairwell.
The power supply can run on an inconspicuous switch inside.
Some even have light sensors so they can turn on automatically when it\'s dark and turn off in the morning.
The outside compartment is also a great choice for LED lights.
These can be powered by a pin switch so that when you open the compartment door, the light will open and when you close the door, the light will close.
The color of the LED light is not as important as the position of the light.
The compartments are usually rectangular, so try to place the LEDs near the corner of the compartment.
In this way, you will get the maximum light for all parts of the storage area.
Finally, upgrading your RVs external lighting can make you look very clean and improve safety on the road as well.
LED porch, marking, clearance, backup, turn and running light are all candidates for replacing the LED.
Fortunately, many companies like Bargman are now replacing fixtures directly, including everything needed to perform the upgrade.
Just make sure the budget is sufficient as the cost of replacing external lighting can be as high as hundreds of dollars.
Tip: Some of the old thermal flash unit found on some vehicles may not be able to use the LED brake/tail light.
The LED brake/tail LED Light module requires an electronic flash/flashing device, which is common in your local car parts store.
Just ask for the electronic equivalent of your thermal flash.
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