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submersible led lights modules

by:Demo     2020-08-01
How to make a fully waterproof dive 1 W led Module 1.
1 w smd led (
These three, three.
6 V and 350 mA current)2.
Aluminum Radiator for installation of led 3.
Some thin lines 4. Resistors (100 ohms)5.
About 12 inch long half inch PVC pipe 6.
Half inch pvc coupling 7. Led lens 8.
Silicone 9.
12 V adapter (1 amp)10.
How to assemble everything here. The first step is to weld the led to the radiator. The best way is to use the bottom of some hot glue Led, put it on the radiator, so it is easy to weld after completing the module, it should look like this one.
Once you do this, it\'s time to make the next step for the main body for the module, because we will first use the 1/2 pvc coupling with the coupling and led lens, then put it in the coupling it should be placed on the inner ring of the coupling like this.
Once you confirm that it is in the right position, take some silicone and apply a thin bead to the inner edge of the coupling, which is the tricky part of the work, so you can use a toothpick to apply after applying the glue and place the lens on it, which ensures that there is no gap between the lens and the edges and it can be waterproof and sealed.
Make sure to wipe off the excess silicon on the front of the lens, otherwise it will reduce the outflow of light.
Let it dry at room temperature for 24 hours.
Now take the led we have welded before, apply a thin layer of silicon on the welding end and all the places with open metal here is, if the inside of the Shell leaks some water, then before the repair, the led will not rust, so this step is for the extra protection of your Led.
Let it dry at room temperature for 24 hours.
Now cutting the half inch tube to 1 cm long this piece will keep all the components and water inside the shell flowing out of the inside, now we have to stick it to the back of the led radiator with silicon, so that the wire will come half an inch of PVC pipe looks like this, be sure to seal when everything is completely dry, now it\'s time to assemble the diving LED Light Engine, after assembly, seal the joint between the pipe and silicon coupling again, do not do it with pvc glue, otherwise it cannot reopen it when you have to do maintenance work.
Make at least three of these modules so that we can open them now and we will connect to the 100 ohm resistance series, because I have a 1 amp adapter that can only give three leads you can make more, these are easy to make and affordable, in fact, compared to diving LED lights that are commercially available, these lights are very cheap and many years of service these are any problems with the submersible, but you can use them on the surface of the water or use some of your favorite plants under the lights, so you can even enjoy them in the dark for two and a half years.
If you have any questions, you can post them in the comments section.
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