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Soraa to raise orders of LED modules

by:Demo     2020-09-09
George town: Soraa Inc. will contract with the Malaysian manufacturer for its LEDs (LED)
The module used in the direction light LED LED Light module is about $4 bil (RM12. 16bil)
The global market size of such lighting products in alternative areas.
The California-based Soraa outsourced the manufacture of LED modules to Globetronics Technology Bhd in Penang and another local electronics manufacturing company in Ipoh.
Dr. Tom Caulfield, chief operating officer of Soraa, said the demand for its directional lighting is increasing, especially in the commercial and special lighting applications market from the United States.
Based on Bayan Lepas, Globetronics basically assemble LED modules using LED chips provided by Soraa.
The LED module acts as a light source for the MR16 directional light of Soraa, also known as a multi-layer reflector (MR)16 LED lamp.
\"We are also looking for more distributors in Asia and Europe to increase the presence of our products in these regions.
That\'s why we can expect exponential growth in demand for LED lights.
He said: \"It is estimated that the global market in the field of oriented lighting MR16 has exceeded $4 bil . \" The global solid state or LED lighting market is growing by more than 30% annually.
The annual growth rate of MR16 LED lights is also expected to exceed 30%, he said.
Soraa\'s directional LED lights are popular in the commercial and special high-end commercial markets, especially in the high-end
As its light source, the terminal retail apparel industry and the hospitality industry have the perfect spectrum.
It does not contain ultraviolet rays (UV)
According to Caulfield, the LED Light module can fade the color of the display dress.
\"Our MR16 LED lights also do not contain infrared red light that produces heat,\" he said . \".
The direction light of Soraa has one of the highest color rendering indices (CRI)
95 out of 100
He claims that the company\'s competitors use blue light sources to produce white light, usually in 100, with CRI ranging from 80 to 90.
CRI is an international standard for measuring the quality of white LED Light module.
The higher the CRI, the better the white light quality.
Soraa plans to launch the next generation of high-performance LED chips soon for other solid-state lighting products, says Caulfield.
\"The expansion of LED light chips and lamps will drive demand for more Soraa LED modules in both Malaysia,\" he said . \".
In the LED technology of Soraa, all white LEDs are LED by gan (GaN)
Crystals grown on similar substrates.
\"Sapphire and sic are substrates for almost all LEDs manufactured today.
Only Soraa is perfectly used-
Match the GaN substrate to produce the led.
\"This patented process, commonly known as GaN on GaN technology, uses perfect crystals to produce more light in each region than any other LED on the market. ” he said.
Two years ago, Globetronics worked with Soraa to develop a near-
Perfect white light.
In the third quarter of 2012, Soraa successfully launched the LED module into the commercial field. viable product.
Heng Huck Lee, chief executive of Globetronics, said that the advantage of Soraa\'s LED technology is that it produces a single bin or that can be fully utilized in the general lighting market.
\"Traditional methods of producing white light from a blue light source usually produce different white light groups, which may have limited use or application for the general lighting industry.
\"This has LED to high inventory and weakened the competitive edge of LED chip manufacturers,\" he said . \".
Evergrande said the group will spend 2% of its revenue on new technology products this year, compared with 1% previously.
\"This will include the development of new sensor chips to enhance the interface features and applications of smartphones and tablets, which will be launched in the last quarter of 2013,\" he said . \".
Globetronics\'s LED, sensor chip and timing equipment business accounts for about 80% of the group\'s revenue.
Headquartered in Fremont, California, Soraa was created by Dr. nak Shuji, the inventor of blue LED, a major breakthrough in LED lighting technology.
According to the latest research report in Taipei-
According to The Digitimes Research report released in March 2013, the global LED lighting market is expected to grow to $25. 4bil (RM77. 2bil)
In 2013, the figure of $ 54% increased by 2012. 5bil (RM50. 2bil)
LED lighting penetration rate will also rise to 18. 6%.
The report predicts that the global market value of LED lighting will reach $44. 2bil (RM134. 3bil)
Market penetration will reach 38 in 2015. 6%.
According to the report, lighting policies in many countries are also crucial to the development of LED lighting, which is most obvious in Asia.
\"For example, the current LED lighting market penetration rate in Japan is the highest in any region, and this ratio will rise to 73. 8% by 2015;
The Korea Photoelectric Industry Development Association expects the output value of the LED lighting industry in South Korea to reach $7. 8bil (RM23. 7bil)by 2015, 5.
6 times the number is 2012;
While China\'s LED lighting market is growing by 30% per year, this will make China nearly 1-
Ranked third in the global total output value of LED lighting in 2015 . \"
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