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sony\'s led light bulb packs a bluetooth speaker

by:Demo     2020-08-21
Portable Bluetooth speakers already provide audio for easy packaging, but Sony wants to add Bluetooth audio to any lighting device through an LED Bulb Speaker, further improving this convenience.
LED bulb speakers are designed to place audio anywhere, including those that are hard to reach, and it allows your music to enter the walls without causing trouble with home renovations.
While Sony\'s product is not the first of its kind, its design is indeed more elegant than it is on the market.
It will be released in Japan at a price equivalent to $199, and it will also be more expensive than its competitors, including Bluetooth bulbs from TPCromeer ($24), Propel ($34)and Sengled (
$54 for a set, $144 for a set).
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It has audio in its bulbs, but its press releases and promotional videos full of soft jazz ensure a clear sound.
We are eager to see how these bulbs are stacked with Sengled bulbs, Sengled speakers-
The lights are powered by JBL. The 360-
The brightness of the lumen bulb and the volume of the speaker can be used through the SongPal smartphone app (
On iOS and Android)
Or remote control paired through near field communication.
From playing music on the ceiling above the bathroom shower to placing romantic nights above the table, these apps are limited only when your home is designed to be bright.
If you don\'t think this is the smartest idea, Sony wants to make a difference, it offers a series of demo images showing a couple enjoying music from the lights above the bed, sofa and kitchen.
The whimsical dance notes are not mentioned in Sony\'s press release, so they may be sold separately. Henry T.
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