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by:Demo     2020-09-01
Traditional lights are being replaced by LED lights and bulbs at extremely fast speeds.
There are many reasons for this change.
LEDs have a long life span and, unlike conventional LEDs, they are not just burnt out if there are any problems.
Their brightness is slowly decreasing.
They do not use any harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process, so they are environmental friendlyfriendly.
Fluorescent lamps use mercury, which can cause very dangerous situations in case of accidental damage.
Why choose alternative lighting technology when you have so many benefits using led?
You must already know the use of these lamps, but let\'s take a look at them in detail: The LED lights and bulbs are very effective. They use 80%-
90% of the energy, and convert it into light energy, the remaining energy is discharged as heat energy.
Now, when compared with other conventional energy sources, it is found that conventional energy uses only about 20% of the energy and converts it into LED Light module energy.
About 80% of the energy is lost as heat.
In addition to this inefficiency, this fact also leads to problems arising from the loss of heat, such as the risk of fire.
Traditional lights and bulbs are not eco-friendly. friendly.
Durable LED lights and bulbs.
Their sturdy construction makes them ideal for use in fragile places where other lighting sources are vulnerable to destruction.
They have no silk.
In places like construction sites, the LED is always at risk of being damaged, and the LED LED Light module is only for this purpose.
The life of LED lights and bulbs is almost unnecessary or does not require maintenance as they do not need to be replaced occasionally like incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and bulbs.
The Led has a long service life, which saves consumers the cost of replacing the bulb.
This factor makes them suitable for use in hard-to-reach areas.
Street lighting is also a good example.
LED lights and bulbs are available in a variety of colors.
You can buy it according to your taste.
The living room can create a clear mood by using white and blue shades.
Or, if you want to have a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your bedroom, you can choose a red or yellow LED light.
Also, the lights are not flashing.
LED lights and bulbs have the highest return on investment.
The cost of LED lights and bulbs is higher than the traditional ones, but since these lights have a long life and do not require maintenance, the cost can be paid once the first electricity bill comes.
Therefore, we see many advantages of using LED lights and bulbs that make them suitable for home and commercial use.
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