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mysore dasara 2013: brighter,and greener, than ever

by:Demo     2020-08-17
High energy this year-
The consumption incandescent lamp has completely eliminated the Dasara lighting design of Mysore.
Last year, even though the LED lights also had some use, more than 55,000 incandescent lamps lit up the roads, circles and buildings here.
However, only the LED lights were pressed this time, and Chamundeshwari power supply cheered for the move;
Thus, at least 60 of the energy is saved. The 15-
Last year, daylighting continued to consume 1 in Dasala.
Electricity in 25 lakh units.
According to CESC officials, the number should drop to 35,000 to 40,000 units this year.
The LED light covers a distance of about 30 km;
Including the k r Circle, The Hattinger circle, the Barca vishvara circle, the Ramaswami circle and the metropolitan circle.
CESC supervision engineer H. G.
Satyanarayana told Hindu 2.
LED string lights of 3 lakh meters are used on the road.
Similarly, the 16,000-meter LED tape LED Light module, the 1,500-meter LED rope light, and the 300-meter LED \"zoomer\" LED Light module are also used to illuminate the city of this Dasala.
This year, the \"green Panda\" on Sayyaji Rao Road used about 2,000 of green LED lights, compared with 4,500 incandescent lamps last year.
This may not be possible without CESC\'s corporate sponsorship this year;
As many as 34 companies have participated in sponsoring lighting within 20 km kilometers and lighting in the main circle.
According to CESC, these sponsors include Kayati Steels, TV, JK tires, Vasu Agarbatties, paper mills in South India and Kaynes Technologies.
Shops and business institutions in the business center voluntarily lit up their premises after receiving calls from the district administration.
Sir, copies of Parliament and Vidhana Soudha were made using gold and yellow LED lights near the train station
Said Satyanarayana.
Despite concerns about the results of using LED lighting (
In terms of brightness)
When the CESC decides \"say no to the bulb\", the response to the ecological environment
Overall, friendly lighting is positive.
\"The feedback is good.
After that, the light bulb will no longer be used for Dasala lighting . \" He added.
The Hadinger circle saw LED lights arranged to imitate flowers, which, together with a resurrected fountain, greatly enhanced the beauty of the circle.
Hundreds of trees and several circles in the city are also illuminated, and they are a tourist attraction in themselves.
Many of Mysore\'s heritage buildings, some of which have a history of more than a century, have also been decorated with new lighting arrangements, including the majestic Crawford Hall, the Office of the deputy commissioner and the branch railway manager, and K. R.
And Cheluvamba hospital.
\"The lighting has enlivened the festive atmosphere of the city.
Thanks to the new arrangement, Mysore looks bright and colorful at night, \"some locals who were impressed by the lights told Hindu on Wednesday night.
The city is active between seven. m. and 10 p. m.
This prompted people to ask if it could be kept to 10. 30 p. m.
Because some of the Dasala programs at Mysore Palace and the University of mahalaja lasted until 11: 00. m.
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