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multi-color led controller

by:Demo     2020-09-07
This project allows your MediaTek LinkItOne to control more
Color LED strips and set the strips to any of the 1,070,599,167 different colors.
The possibility of how and where to achieve this control accuracy is endless.
For the items you need :-
5050 multi-color LED lights (or equivalent)-
Head and head of LED connector plugA solder-
Less breadboard with jumper-
9 volt battery and battery connector-3 MOSFETS (
I salvaged some from an old printer)-
MediaTek LinkItOneA thank you so much for the links instructures, autodesk, MediaTek and penalopy Bulnick for sending me the links used in this instructures.
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Place the three mosfet on the development board and then connect the jumper from the center pin to two LED outputs on the LinkIt and a regular digital pin. (
I ran the blue to the digital pin so my blue LED only had I/O control)
Next, connect a split LED belt connector to one side of each MOSFET and connect the hot wire to the power supply belt.
Then move the jumper from the other side of each MOSFET to the ground strip (
Note: I got the wires in the photo mixed up and if you do, just replace the battery lead to fix the problem :-).
Next, connect the 9 V battery to the battery clip and the harness to the connector on the development board.
You are ready to start programming now.
The Mosfet can pass through the PWM pin (
Its value may range from 0 to 1023)
Used to control the brightness of the led or any digital pin (
Its value may be on or off).
Use the \"pinMode\" command ie to define the selected PIN as output)pinMode (D9, OUTPUT)
Send a signal to the pin using the \"digitalWrite\" command ie)digitalWrite (D9, 1023);
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