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interactive aquarium led lighting

by:Demo     2020-08-01
Hello, if you are reading this, then you must be interested in installing the LED in the aquarium.
Below you will find some fairly simple instructions on how to achieve a beautiful, dynamic and interactive look for the lights in the tank.
When I say \"in your fish tank\", that\'s what I mean.
Most of the aquarium lighting systems I found online involve lighting from the outside of the tank.
The light of this fish tank matches its occupants calmly in the tank!
It should be noted that exposure to salt water will cause the silica gel on the waterproof to change color and deteriorate, so this installation method is only recommended for fresh water tanks.
First, the list of components I used to implement this.
Tank: I purchased a basic 20 gallon starter tank for this project, a bunch of cool fish tank views with lights inside and looks cool.
All purchased at Petsmart.
Glass skull: LED: high-density waterproof rgb led with light from the foot (2 feet)
Waterproof rgb led light strip at the foot (3 feet)
High-density flexible LED strip light for feet (2 feet)
Analog LED color controller (2)
Waterproof RGB extension cord (4)
Waterproof RGB solder connector pair (4)
Waterproof kit12 V adapter
60 Plug plug (3-way)(1)
Hot glue gun glue is actually much easier than I thought.
The first thing you have to do is watch this short video about cutting and re-cutting
Welding waterproof lamp strips.
How to weld the waterproof LED Strip light cut the waterproof RGB Strip light to the length of your choice and connect the waterproof RGB soldder connector to the end of each section.
Seal the other end using a seal cover to keep the belt completely waterproof.
You can then connect each part to the waterproof RGB extension cord to run back to the color controller.
Using the other end of the waterproof RGB welding connector, the extension cable can be easily connected to the color controller of your choice.
Each of these strips can be easily installed in the tank decoration with a little hot glue.
I put a high density RGB waterproof strip of 3 \"under the waterfall fixture, a 1.
5 \"part of the interior of the\" spiritual home \"in front of the waterfall, part 3 under the glass skull.
Both the waterfall light and the spiritual House are connected to one of the analog color controllers.
The Skull light is attached to the Apollo jammers.
I put a section of 1\' waterproof RGB emergency light on the lower side of the fish tank cover and a section of 2\' behind the waterfall \'.
The two lines are connected back to the second analog color controller. The (2)
1 \'segment high-density flexible Bar Light (Neutral White)
All mounted behind a piece of waterproof plastic in the lid, all attached to the Apollo jammers.
One is connected to the \"red\" channel and one is connected to the \"green\" channel.
The Apollo jammers are connected to my computer and my computer will play the \"thunderstorm\" sound track.
As long as the Thunder is big enough, the lights will flash like lightning!
This, though, excites the fish, so I don\'t do it often.
Two analog color controllers can adjust the rest of the color light in a dynamic way.
I hope this project will inspire you to try and create an aquarium with dynamic lighting on your own!
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