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install ijdmtoy dodge ram 1500 express led light bar

by:Demo     2020-09-02
The 2009-
The Up Dodge Ram 1500 is a classic American truck with amazing performance.
To match this amazing truck you need an awesome LED light strip which is why we created this Dodge RAM 1500 Express LED LED Light module strip in iJDMTOY.
This LED light strip is powered by 240W high power dual power supply
The curved LED LED Light module strip also comes with a lower bumper mounting bracket.
To make sure your Dodge RAM 1500 is compatible, you need to have an open Express Sport bumper in the lower bumper position.
If the existing tow hook is still on the truck, you will also need to remove a piece of plastic trim in the position of the lower bumper and remove it.
Remove the plastic parts of this lower bumper.
It should be easy to remove.
Find two screws on both sides to support the impact beam.
Later, we will use these brackets to install metal brackets to secure the LED light bars.
This photo shows you how to connect two mounting brackets.
Place the fixed bracket on L.
Mounting bracket in the same shape as this photo.
Do this before you install it on the truck. Attach the L-
Form the mounting bracket on the screw of Dodge Ram.
We suggest you pin it to the second hole here.
This is a sample prototype of the mounting bracket.
You can see how this is installed on the truck, like we installed the L-shaped bracket.
Make sure your L-
The shape Holder in place so that it is strong enough to keep the LED light strip in place and then do the same on the other side.
Install the LED light strip between the two brackets and then securely secure it in place.
You will not be able to adjust the angle of the LED light strip slightly.
We recommend the Dodge Ram LED LED Light module strip to be located at the top of the bumper.
Now that you have completed all the new iJDMTOY LED card lights, you can now show them to your friends.
Super bright and great job in lighting up the road ahead.
Perfect for off-
In the middle of the night, with the flashing of work lights.
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