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get philips led light bulbs that turn themselves on at night and off in the morning for $8 each

by:Demo     2020-08-25
There are so many people outside who want all the lights in front of their house or even at home to turn on automatically at night and turn off automatically in the morning.
However, what you may not realize is that you don\'t need to route the timer in the basement or spend a lot of money on smart bulbs.
Instead, look at Philips LED dusk-to-
Frosted A19 Frosted bulb.
They have ambient light sensors so they can turn on at dusk and turn off again at dawn if you buy a 6-pack.
Here are the highlights in the product page: the relevant storiesToday is your last day to get this popular fast wireless charger for less than $9. People\'s crazy Bose Bluetooth earbuds are still down to their lowest price in 2019 from your computer screen without making you look ridiculous. Dusk to Dawn, the A19 LED bulb is equipped with a built-in light sensor, which automatically turns on the light when the sun goes down and when the sun rises
These bulbs are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and most lamps have a standard E26 base.
Not suitable for Philips Hue products.
These evening-to-dawn sensor bulbs provide a soft white light of 800 lumens, equivalent to 60-
Energy saving 75% Watt incandescent lamp. With 2700-
Kelvin\'s soft white light, these bulbs provide the comfort and safety you need in a, and the benefits of the longevity and energy saving you want. Best-in-
First-class Philips LEDs power on immediately-
Flashing effectively
Free natural light will not decrease over time.
Unlike cheap counterfeits, Philips LED provides clean, natural lighting with extremely high definition.
LED bulbs are 10 times longer than incandescent and halogen lamps.
Unlike fluorescent bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs, Philips led is mercury-
Free of charge, so they do not cause hazardous waste.
This pack of 6 nightfall to Dawn A19 Philips LED sensor bulbs comes with 10-
One year warranty if registered.
Each bulb is expected to provide up to 22,000 hours of life (
Based on 3 hours per day)
, Saving you the cost and trouble of replacing the bulb frequently.
Comfortable LED Light module: our products meet strict test standards, including flashing, strobography, glare and color reproduction to ensure they meet the requirements of visual comfort.
Switch to Philips LED lights designed for the comfort of your eyes.
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