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eco-friendly led lights on delhi side of the e-way | gurgaon news - times of india

by:Demo     2020-08-15
Gurgaon: National Highway administration of India (NHAI)
It is planned to replace traditional lights with energy-efficient LED lights, but only on the Delhi side of the highway.
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
Energy Efficiency Services Co. , Ltd. recently signed (EESL)
And NHAI, in this case, the full cost of installing the lights will be borne by EESL.
Any savings generated by NHAI for saving electricity will be used later to reimburse costs.
\"The entire investment will be recovered within seven years.
\"We don\'t have to pay for it,\" said a senior official at NHAI . \".
The initiative was taken in accordance with the direction of the Delhi government\'s electricity sector.
It is worth noting here that about 17 km of the highway falls under the jurisdiction of Delhi, while 10 km falls under the jurisdiction of Gurgaon.
The franchise has no plans to install a similar ecosystem.
Friendly lights on one side of Gurgaon.
\"LED lights are more expensive than traditional ones.
So we have no plans to install this LED Light module at our own expense on the Gurgaon side, \"said A. K Sharma, NHAI project director.
When it was pointed out that this would result in two types of lights on both sides of the toll square on Sura Road, NHAI officials responded that this could result in problems with fast-moving traffic visibility on the highway, \"This is a problem that we have to deal with on a regular basis.
Dealing with different governments with different budgets and priorities is bound to create such problems.
But this is the reality we learn to face.
Gurgaon City Corporation (MCG)
Recently with the charter company Millennium Highway Private Limited (MCEPL)
In order to bear the cost of installing street lights on the service lanes on both sides of the highway for nearly 9 crore, during this period, due to the high cost, the idea of installing LED lights was discussed and abandoned.
They will install sodium steam lamps instead.
MCEPL will maintain these street lights.
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