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creatures of the night: artist uses neon led lights to create stunning nocturnal animal displays

by:Demo     2020-08-10
These amazing photos show how photographers can revive a range of animals
Draw them out with neon lights
31-year-old California photographer Darren Pearson took a dazzling picture with an LED LED Light module.
Relative to night-
Due to his \"understatement\", The Time Landscape, frogs, bears and octopus figures across the United States illuminate the sky.
Mr. Pearson used the long exposure to move the LED lights around the circle to create the look of the giant neon animal.
His experiment with LED Light module painting began in 2007, and his project took him all over the world to capture colorful patterns in different backgrounds.
\"The photos themselves are not difficult to make,\" Pearson said.
However, accurate descriptions of animals are always difficult to capture.
That\'s why I\'m doing this. they\'re challenging and Zen-minded.
Concentration type.
They usually need more than one effort to improve.
I make animals because of LED Light module.
Painting is an art of discord. form.
\"I want to be more natural through these photos and pay tribute to the creatures I am visiting and to their homes.
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