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cool led hats and fashionable led t-shirt

by:Demo     2020-09-08
We all know that LED lights are the latest invention in the lighting industry, and LED lights have become very popular in recent years compared to traditional lighting methods.
Compared with other types of lighting devices, LED lights have gained great popularity for some reason.
These reasons are considered to be the advantage of LED lights.
To put it simply, LED lights have the following features: high energy efficiency compared with other LED Light module sources, saving a lot of energy;
Long life span of 100,000 hours;
Available in various colors such as red, blue, green and widely used white;
No UV emission/small infrared;
Durable, do not need to change the bulb frequently;
Small size, flexible design.
At present, LED has a wide range of applications in many lighting fields, such as advertising signs, car lights and other industries including the flashlight industry.
LED flashlight is very popular all over the world.
In the past 20 years, LED lighting technology has been studied and developed, and we are starting to see practical applications from this work.
In the future, we will benefit more from it!
The latest technology and intrusion of the LED bulb market has introduced new designs;
LED lights are available in different colors, such as red, green, blue and the most popular white colors, which are not only candy, but also a great safe choice for interior home decor plans.
These bulbs are small in size and have a very wide range of designs, which makes these lamps very attractive for beautiful home decoration and elegant lighting environment.
Now let\'s introduce two fashionable LED products from umibuy.
One is led t-shirt (
The other is the LED hat.
These two products skillfully apply LED technology to every detail of our daily life.
First of all, let me show you the fashion T-
Shirt, this is an equalizer designed by Batman. Shirt.
Party party, disco and club and so on, you can wear it. This Electro-
The glowing shirt is nothing new except to react to music.
Not only is this very, very cool, it also provides a visual rhythm guide for others.
Think of it as a public service for a good dance. The Unique-
Music EQ
The shirt is a shirt with a built-in acoustic spectrum analyzer.
The EQ is moved according to the sound, when there is a sound, the picture will shine and the flash will change the brightness according to the volume.
Each music frequency will activate a different EQ bar, just like the one on your home stereo system!
Great item/gift for big party, personal party, club, sports field, disco etc!
It has a fully functional glowing panel with a battery pack that is snuggled up to T-shirt.
The end result is a huge sound-sensitive music T-
Eye-catching shirt.
How amazing and stylish it is! The Unique-Equalizer T-
The shirt is made of 100% cotton.
It has a battery pack and a sound sensor;
Can unplug the battery pack to clean t-shirt.
The panel is powered by a removable battery pack.
This amazing and stylish T-
Shirts provided by Chinese wholesalers, you can buy at umibuy at wholesale price. com. It is only $12. 99.
The next LED product is a cool hat.
It is named Ghost flashing black scroll message LED hat (
This LED glitter hat is a stylish product that goes with clothes, jeans and T-shirtsshirt.
When you put it on, you can feel a part of the future on your body.
Become one of the first to clean this brand new LED flash hat with floss. At umibuy.
There are many kinds of this LED hat, they are really cool hats!
Use them in parties, at night, lighting, sporting events, or wear only one regular hat during the day.
There are no signs on these hats, so you are free to embroider your own theme if you wish.
Luminous cap for battery and LED operation.
They installed the first group and the battery was replaceable.
Average battery life is 30-40 hours.
The size of these hats can be adjusted appropriately.
They have 3 modes of operation activated by a small click inside the embroidery.
They have a pulse flash of a heartbeat, a quick flash, and stay stable.
These glowing hats are made of black fabric and buyers can choose many different kinds of pictures.
Choose some to send to your friends, loved ones and more as a gift.
In the China Electronics wholesale market, you can find too many of these cool hats, but you can buy them at a high price without free shipping.
Do you want to be an invisible person in the dark?
Now please put this led t-
Shirt and LED hat!
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