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angels getting used to the new led lights at angel stadium

by:Demo     2020-08-22
This is normal for the batsman.
Chat with the opposing team\'s first baseman after a hit or walk, but C. J.
The Angel Team\'s Cron found that when the first game of the Angel Stadium highway series on Thursday night, the same topic kept appearing in conversations with Dodgers players, it was strange.
\"When they started, all the Dodgers were saying, \'When did you change the cream? \'colored pants?
Cron said before Friday night\'s game.
\"I think, \'We don\'t, but we have new lights and they are trying to solve these problems.
\"This winter, Angels have joined more and more major league teams with a new LED lighting system, which is expected to increase visibility and reduce glare and shadows on the spot, reduce maintenance costs and energy use.
The Seattle Water crew was the first team to install LED lights in 2015.
The Texas Rangers, the San Diego Padres, the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros installed LED lights in 2016, and the Baltimore Orioles installed LED lights this season.
The first thing players notice is that the new lights make their white uniform pants look like cream --colored.
Mike Trout noticed a theater.
Like the effect he had in midfield.
\"It looks darker in the stands,\" said Trout . \".
\"They are obviously different from last year.
It will take a few games to get used to them, and they will definitely adjust them in the first few games and throughout the season.
I like them, of course.
\"Cron is one of several players who have worked hard to adapt to the new lights.
\"I just think they are not locked in yet,\" said Angel first baseman . \".
\"It may be because it was our first night game in seven months, but it didn\'t feel perfect.
Something seems wrong.
I don\'t think there should be shadows at night.
\"I think they can modify it to get them where they need it.
I think they will be different. Friday]night.
We will see if it is better.
Manager Mike scioccia said the team is working with stadium officials and lighting engineers to solve any problems in the system.
\"I\'m not sure about the technology, but there are a variety of ways to adjust these lights,\" said Scioscia.
Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner said Angel third baseman Ron Ronick turned to him in the sixth inning, saying the lights were new and asking him if he had any questions.
\"I watch the ball very well,\" Turner said . \"
A platelet in Heston Street
He received a rich plasma injection 1/2 weeks ago, promoting the healing of upper back strain, and since the beginning, upper back strain has kept him standing.
Veteran on the right.
Handel was approved to start the throwing project on Tuesday and may be back in May.
\"As an athlete, you want to know that it\'s healed and now I can start working with confidence,\" Street said . \".
\"We \'ve all been through a lot of things, but when you get hurt, you may be working in a negative direction.
So we got good news. Thursday]
We are working in a positive direction.
\"Street, who is hoping to rebound from injury-
His 2016 season 3-Have a careerworst 6. 45 earned-
Running average, must progress from flat
The ground is thrown to the bullpen and requires five to seven rehabilitation sessions before returning.
He refused to set goals in this round.
\"I don\'t shoot for anything,\" Street said . \".
\"I made a mistake last year and came back too early from the oblique [injury].
It\'s my fault.
You are a competitor. you want to sell.
I learned a little from that mistake. \"Lower-
In the fifth straight game, back soreness left andleton Simmons absent, but goodstop finished a fierce pre-match training on Friday, with Scioscia saying he \"expected\"
. . . . . . Pitcher Matt Schumaker, who underwent emergency brain surgery after being hit in the head by a line Lane in Seattle on last September, decided to wear a small carbon --
Fiber equipment manufactured by Safer Sports Technology, located on the right side of his hat, helps to protect his head. mike.
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