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a new method to manipulate broiler chicken growth and metabolism: response to mixed led light system

by:Demo     2020-09-01
This study introduces a new method to manipulate broiler growth and metabolism by mixed growthadvantage LED.
We found a mixed lighting system with green/blue LED (G-B and Gu2009×u2009B)
Single Green and single blue light have similar stimulating effects on the weight of chickens (G and B)
Compared with ordinary people making light (Pu2009=u20090. 028).
In addition, the percentage of carcasses increased significantly under mixed light (Gu2009×u2009B)
Compared with single light (Pu2009=u20090. 003).
Synchronize with weight, mix light (G-B and Gu2009×u2009B)
Compared with normal light, the feed transformation of birds has been significantly improved (Pu2009=u20090. 002).
Significantly improved feed conversion was found under mixed light (Gu2009×u2009B)
Compared with a single LED light (Pu2009=u20090. 037).
The results of group G are higher-
High density cholesterol levels in Group B (Pu2009=u20090. 002)
And Group B leads to a bigger low.
High density cholesterol levels in group G (Pu2009=u20090. 017).
Mixed light significantly improves glucose levels in birds compared to single light (Pu2009=u20090. 003).
This study may establish an effective strategy to maximize the growth of chickens through hybrid LED technology.
All experimental programs have been approved by the Animal Care and Use Committee of Zhejiang University.
These methods are carried out in strict accordance with the guidelines of Zhejiang University Association for the Study of Animal Behavior use.
This study was conducted in Yuhang Qingqin poultry farm located in Hangzhou area at 30 latitude.
26 °, 120 of the warp.
As we have done before.
Because of its tender meat, delicious and nutritious.
As described in our previous study, native \"\" broiler chickens are very popular in China.
Therefore, in this study, 300
Local female Broiler (“”; age, 0 day;
Average weight 30. 5u2009±u20090. 3u2009g)
Purchased from a commercial hatchery (
Guangda breeding Co. , Ltd. Ltd. , China).
On the 0 th, all broilers were randomly raised for 5 light treatments (
60 birds per light).
Each treatment consists of four copy pens, each containing 15 broilers, each in a room with a light source.
Four copy galvanized wire pens (
1. m. X. 1. m. X. 1. m. , length. X. width. X. height)were placed 0.
25 metres from the ground.
The bottom of the cage is covered with a net.
Solid wood covered with wood
Put 0 shaved flowers.
Collect feces at 25 µm under the cage. The wood-
Change the shaved flowers once a week (3 days).
Each of the five rooms used is set in the same mode, and the only difference is the bulb in the fixture.
To avoid light pollution from other sources, each pen is surrounded and covered by fluorescent fabrics.
The broilers treated in each group were exposed to the following five kinds of light treatments :(1)
Replication cells are equipped with two green LED lights (G group), (2)
The replication cells are equipped with green LED lights and blue LED lights (G-B group), (3)
Replication cells come with two greenblue-dual-
Wavelength LED lights (Gu2009×u2009B group), (4)
Replication cells are equipped with two blue LED lights (B group), and (5)
The copied cells are equipped with two ordinary artificial lights (
Group F was the control group;
Fluorescent lamp).
The detailed information of LED light system is introduced.
The LED LED Light module source was purchased from Longtuo Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. Ltd. (Hangzhou, China).
To manufacture LED lighting systems, a total of 36 LED chips are mounted linearly on a single board.
Each set of lights is placed at 75 centimeters above the broiler with a plastic tie attached to the ceiling.
Basically, pulse width modulation (PWM)
Use the drive current determined by peak current, repeat cycle, and pulse duty cycle.
The pulse duty cycle is the ratio of time to period that controls the average light intensity.
Therefore, in this study, we use the PWM method to accurately control the light intensity and use the radiator (
Digital Lux instrument company AR823. Ltd. , China)
As we have done before, maintain the strength with 15 lux.
The schedule of the lights is 23 h light: 1 h dark on the first day because the birds adapt to the environment and then reduce it by an hour every day until the 16 h LED Light module is reached: 8 h dark, this has been maintained for the rest of the study.
The initial weight of each lightly treated bird is about the same: 30. 1u2009±u20090. 3 (G group), 30. 4u2009±u20090. 2u2009g (G-B group), 30. 5u2009±u20090. 2 (Gu2009×u2009B group), and 30. 2u2009±u20090. 5 (B group), and 30. 4u2009±u20090. 3 (F group).
At the end of the incubation period (day 30)
, All birds are individually weighted and the average weight is calculated immediately for each mild treatment.
Then, five birds.
Lame or malnourished birds, for example)
Eliminated from each copy to remain uniform without producing deviations from the original average weight.
The dry ball temperature and relative humidity are measured once a day using a data recorder (
TH602F, Anymetre Co. Ltd. , China)
Make sure the temperature and relative humidity conditions are similar in all rooms.
The average temperature and relative humidity were 25, respectively. 3u2009°C and 67. 5%.
The electric heater thermostat and ventilator maintain these conditions.
Feed and water are available for broilers.
All broilers are fed the same diet (13. 4u2009MJ ME/kg;
Crude Protein (g/kg)CP))
Follow the grower\'s diet when they are between 1 and 21 days (13. 6u2009MJ ME/kg; 200u2009g/kg CP)
Until the end of the experiment (81 days old).
It is technically challenging for us to measure early weight.
Young chickens are very vulnerable to stress and injury.
Getting the weight of young chicks requires us to grab the chicks from their pens and weigh them separately.
This treatment may cause unnecessary pain to these animals and may result in injury or even death.
In addition, our experience is that the fact that the data obtained using an electronic balance fluctuates greatly when we weigh the young, prevents us from obtaining accurate body values.
In contrast, this operation is feasible in the old chicken.
Therefore, in this study, early weight (before day 30)
Did not get.
Weight was recorded for 30, 45, 60, 72 and 81 days.
Measure Daily feed consumption and calculate feed efficiency.
For 81 days, the temperature of birds was measured using an infrared thermometer (No.
Victor Company 303BLtd. , China).
At the end of the trial (81 d)
, After fasting for 12 u2009 h, three broilers from each replication were randomly selected from each treatment to maintain the same number of birds in all replication and treatment, with a total of 60 broilers (
3 birds/copy 4 Copy 5 handle).
The selected broiler was killed by cervical dislocation, blood samples were collected and all internal organs were disinfected to measure the weight of fat tissue in the heart, liver, giz SAC, spleen and abdomen.
5ml of blood samples were obtained from each broiler.
Blood samples were centrifuge for 30 minutes at 3,000 x g at 4 °c to remove any clot.
The serum was aspirated and stored in a sealed polypropylene microcentrifuge tube at 70 °c for subsequent determination.
Metabolic index of total cholesterol (TC)
Total tg (TG), high-
Cholesterol (HDL-CH), low-
Cholesterol (LDL-CH)and glucose (GLU)
Determination using an automatic biochemical analyzer (
Olympus AU5400Ltd. , Japan).
The conditions on the slaughter line are to reduce the pressure on birds.
Statistical analysis of data using SPSS statistical software (V. 20)
Software package.
Variance analysis was performed to analyze the effects of different LED Light module on broilers.
The variance uniformity check is performed on each group of data, and no conversion is required.
When appropriate, post-comparison is performed using the least significant difference test.
These data are represented on average.
In each case, the difference between groups is considered to be statistically significant if the value of the group
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