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7 benefits of led energy saving light bulbs

by:Demo     2020-08-18
Many eco-
Friendly NGOs are doing their best to protect the environment while all of us stand still, cheer for them and support them verbally.
What many people don\'t know is that each of us can work together in this sport without being a part of it.
The simple behavior of replacing standard bulbs in our home with LED energy-saving lamps is a major contribution.
This step is not only good for the environment, but also for you.
Found the advantages of LED lights: 1-
Friendly Environment: LED lights by non
Toxic materials that make them harmless to the environment, 100% recyclable.
Other types of lamps, such as fluorescent bulbs, contain several toxic substances that are harmful to the environment, such as mercury or other harmful gases. 2 -
Energy saving: they are considered the most energy efficient lighting by today.
About 80% of the electric energy is converted into LED Light module, and the remaining 20% is converted into other forms of energy such as heat.
On the other hand, the traditional lamp has the opposite effect, only 20% of the energy is converted into LED Light module and 80% into heat. 3 -
Long bulb life: one of the most important benefits of these bulbs is their life.
Due to the low percentage of energy loss, most of the energy will be converted into light to avoid bulb burning.
The life of the Led is expected to last about 11 years, longer than the life of the standard bulb. 4 -
High resistance: because of the lack of solid components that form LEDs and very sensitive filaments, LEDs are usually very durable.
These components enable them to resist harsh conditions such as impact, vibration, wind, rain, and for the same reason, they add a lot of vitality to outdoor activities, especially LED LED Light module spotlights.
The risk of burning or breaking LED lights is small. 5 -
Very low UV radiation: it is well known that UV radiation can cause skin diseases and damage to the eyes, thus having harmful effects on human beings.
Therefore, LED lighting is constructed in a way that produces extremely low UV emission and very little infrared light.
Therefore, LED lighting is suitable for human beings and materials that are sensitive to ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. 6 -
Low voltage: The LED light has a low voltage power supply function, which can save electricity and make the bulb safer during installation and maintenance.
The low voltage required for Lighting LED bulbs can be provided by external solar energy. 7 -
Instant lighting: The led instantly brightens when turned on, and there is no room for energy to get lost in the void.
This advantage does not really affect the life or glow of the bulb.
Unlike this, the standard bulb may take a few seconds before it reaches full light, after a period of fading or flashing.
I shared with you how to participate in the work of protecting the environment while benefiting from LED lights. What will everyone do?
Stand still, do nothing, or save you and the planet money by being green? !
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