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100 % led lighting at coca cola factory

by:Demo     2020-09-02
Hindustan Coca-Cola drinks (HCCB)
The Ameenpur factory in Telangana has achieved 100% LED lighting.
This is the second factory to achieve this after Vijayawada, in line with the commitment of CCB h to meet at least 40% of the plant\'s energy needs through cleaning, to achieve efficient green energy by 2018.
The Ameenpur factory transitioned to 100% LED lighting in seven months, thus saving 2. 73 lakh units (KWH/annum)
A press release issued by the company on Monday said the carbon footprint was reduced by about 151 tons.
All h CCB plants in AP and Telangana are using solar energy to meet their primary energy needs.
Ameenpur\'s plant has 75% of the demand to be met by solar energy, while the Vijayawada and Srikalahasti plants have 50% of the demand to be met by solar energy.
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