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1.74 crore led lights to save 1,117 million units in a.p.

by:Demo     2020-08-29
Andhra Pradesh\'s ambitious plan to replace traditional lights with energy-efficient LED lights led to a heated debate in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday.
Minister of Labor K.
Atchan Naidu answered the inquiry on behalf of Chief Minister N on this issue
Chandrababu Naidu said the power company has replaced one so far.
74 crore traditional bulbs corresponding to target 1 with LED lights. 86 crore bulbs.
It is expected to save 1. 117 billion energy units per year after replacement.
The government has also introduced alternatives to traditional street lights in all 110 cities and companies, with energy savings expected to be around 60 mu.
The government has implemented a pilot project in Rajanagaram mandal, East Godavari district, to replace 214 pumps with energy-efficient pumps, which will soon be extended to other regions.
Opposition leader Y. S.
Jagan Mohan Redi, who was involved at this time, questioned the reasons for the transfer of the contract to the nominating body.
The state government has some irregularities in buying coal and building thermal power plants.
Despite the sharp fall in coal prices in the domestic market, the government allowed power companies to buy coal at old prices, a move aimed at getting kickbacks. Mr.
Atchan Naidu said the work was the responsibility of the central government organization Energy Efficiency Services Co. , Ltd. , which has come forward to help the country carry out energy conservation work.
Distribution companies will reimburse EESL for replacing traditional agricultural pumps with energy-efficient pumps within five years.
He criticized Obama.
Jagan raised the issue of corruption, claiming that opposition leaders had no moral authority to talk about it.
\"I\'m surprised, sir.
\"Jagan is faced with a lot of corruption charges and he is able to talk about violations,\" he said . \".
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