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work for installation of 20,000 more led lights to resume | patna news - times of india

by:Demo     2020-08-14
PATNA: installation of energy
In two weeks, efficient LED lights will be restored in the city.
About 20,000 such lights will still be installed in the capital in the coming months.
Senior Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC)
Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
An energy services company from the Indian government is responsible for installing LED lights in the city, which has suspended the work over the past month due to some problems.
\"Last year, about 55,000 LED lights were installed in the city, with a target of 75,000.
This includes replacing ineffective sodium.
Steam lights for the first phase.
EESL suspended the work due to some internal issues.
Vishal Anand, PMC\'s deputy municipal commissioner, told this newspaper on Tuesday that \"it may resume installation work within 15 days . \".
He said that the work of the second phase will begin after the completion of the first phase. “The phase-
2 Work will include the installation of LED lights on the pole of the Branch Road.
\"The project may be completed in the next three months,\" he said . \".
PMC also installed LED street lights for the Prakashotsava celebration.
\"We will also be installing LED street lights in the city of Patna and the area of the bypass road, where a large number of pilgrims will attend the 35 th anniversary celebration of the tenth Sikh Guru Gobin Singh, Visal \".
Kaushal Jha, resident of Rajendra Nagar, welcomed the initiative.
\"It will help those who travel late at night.
The LED lights enhance visibility, which is important, especially in the winter, as the sun goes down very early.
\"Anand also explained the functions of field officials in handling complaints from residents about LED lights.
\"The maintenance team is ready to correct the failure immediately,\" he said . \".
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