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wooden beach hut with spectacular views, expensive fitted kitchen and built-in speaker system powered by solar panels goes on sale for £285,000

by:Demo     2020-08-19
A wooden beach cottage better than some houses is available for £ 285,000.
The 10ft by 16ft cabin boasts an expensive kitchen that will not appear inappropriate in a modern home.
It comes with heated tap water, cookware, refrigerator/freezer, lighting and built-in
In a speaker system powered by rooftop solar panels.
It even has its own toilet, unlike most of the other 360 cabins in Dorset Christchurch Mudeford Sandbank, whose owners had to use public toilets in the shower area.
Scroll down to watch the video cabin can sleep four or five people on the mezzanine floor, while the smart rest area downstairs can also be converted into a double bed.
The value sought
Bolthole is located behind it.
It is located on the beach which is very remote and within a 20-minute walk to get there by fancy land train or short ferry.
But the new owners will be rewarded with spectacular sea views from Christchurch Bay to the Isle of Wight
Since 1940, the situation has changed a lot, when mudeford Spit was controlled by the metal maritime defense system in the case of the Nazi invasion.
From October, owners can also spend the night in the cottage.
For 285,000, you can buy a four. bedroom semi-
Independent residence or five of northleton, North Yorkshire
Bedroom detached villa in Cheshire, Runcorn.
In addition to the high purchase price, the new owner must also pay an annual fee of approximately £ 500 and a licence fee to the Christchurch City Council (ground rent)
About 2,500 pounds a year.
Charlie Dancer, Denisons real estate agent in charge of sales, said: \"This is a lovely cabin and it has done a very good job.
The kitchen is better than what you see in a lot of houses, and has completed very high standards.
The inside is perfect.
You have a large mezzanine with plenty of room upstairs to sleep.
It has a speaker system connected to the cabin and it is connected to the solar panel so you can track your battery power and solar panel intake.
\"There is an LED lighting in these cabins, a water heater, which is very unusual, and this is the only one I know that has a toilet, which is very convenient in the middle of the night.
\"It\'s all very novel and very well done.
For the beach cottage, it is very unique to have speakers and all the gadgets.
It has everything you really want or need.
This is by the harbor, so you can see the very beautiful harbor view where you can see the beautiful sunset.
You also have the added benefit that you can have boats and kayaks in front and can go straight into the water from there.
\"Mudford\'s cottage is completely unique and I have never seen such a cottage anywhere in the country.
When you get there, you almost feel you are abroad
Especially when the weather is good.
This is a lovely place.
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