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what you need to know about oled lighting

by:Demo     2020-08-10
Just as the consumer\'s idea of replacing old bulbs with LED bulbs is heating up --
Another challenger, Addison, seems to have joined the group.
In the leading lighting manufacturer Acuity Brand, a series of OLED lighting products have been launched, aiming to face the wider public in the form of two flat-panel lamps: Petals-
A rectangular minimalist design.
Now, both Home Depot\'s website and select stores have these products, starting at $199.
As a solution for more art installations than homes, designers love their aesthetic diversity.
But for others, these flat rays are seen as a bit marginal, as mysterious as radiation, and even for those who have really heard about the technology.
To shed some light on oled, here are some ideas that experts believe will revolutionize how we think about living space.
What is OLED lighting? Organic light-
LEDs (oled) are similar to LEDs (LEDs) because they consist of semiconductor materials sandwiched between two electrodes.
However, when LEDs glow using a blue semiconductor diode combined with a yellow fluorescent substance, oled combines a thin layer of red, green and blue film to give a soft white LED Light module.
Oled can also be placed on a variety of flexible and rigid surfaces, such as glass, metal, or plastic, to produce light sources that radiate along a wide range rather than from a single point.
Better isolated lighting than LED? It depends.
Compared with popular alternative products such as led, OLED lighting still has a lot to make up for, and led provides a fraction of twice the energy efficiency and cost.
As a light bulb, LEDs emit more concentrated light, spanning a longer distance.
The room for the Led to perform well includes high ceilings, high stairwells or anything that requires a spotlight.
Oled is known for producing high-quality lighting closer to natural sunlight, despite many high
To achieve this, the terminal led has become possible.
OLED is also better at showing the real color of the surrounding environment, such as furniture and nearby items.
Its rating of the color rendering index, which measures how the light source performs in this regard, is always higher than 90.
The highest score is 100 points (sunlight).
Another major advantage of Oled over led is its panel-
The shape factor of the shape, which allows for a more uniform distribution in a wider space without the need for additional components to scatter light.
As a low-intensity diffuse light source, single-point lighting can produce very little glare and rough shadows.
As described by Jeannine Fisher Wang, marketing director of the Acuity Brands brand, the effect is \"When you see OLED, the face will look more pleasant and the color will pop.
Can OLED technology replace light bulbs one day?
The short answer is No.
The use of this technology for smaller fixtures, such as bulbs, requires an increase in the amount of light from a single diode and leads to degradation of a very sensitive variety of components.
With these limitations, OLED is not enough as a replacement bulb in most cases.
Another important difference is that the panel itself, starting at about 10x10 cm, is different from the replacement bulb.
For example, it takes about three pixels for an OLED desk lamp to emit the same brightness as the local Ikea.
However, each team member can be swapped out and replaced whenever necessary.
Where does OLED lighting panel shine?
OLED lighting products can really work where more detail needs to be observed.
This includes lamp lighting, different types of workstation or cabinet lighting.
OLEDS are relatively cool and can also be close to where people sit, such as above the kitchen counter.
Lisa Pattison, an analyst at Solid State Lighting Services at Independent Consulting, said the lesson is that oled should be used to \"fill the space\" because amain light sources do not distribute light well.
The environmental nature of OLED lighting also makes it better
Especially suitable for decorative lighting such as chandelier and wall lamp.
Wang added: \"as lighting and interior designers discover new ways to integrate this technology into a variety of environments and take advantage of its unique qualities, OLED will achieve more potential applications.
But why is it so expensive?
$1,000 question you can call it.
This is the cost of manufacturing an OLED that produces 1,000 lumens, which is related to you from 100-Watt bulb.
Same as the LED, it costs about $10.
One of the several factors that lead to a relatively high price is the factory process, which requires more material than the LED, which has become more expensive.
In fact, the manufacturing technology of oled is still quite inaccurate, which leads to many defective units, and the cost that needs to be recovered may increase.
Even so, production costs have fallen sharply compared to a few years ago.
In 2011, one to 75-
About $2,560 Watt incandescent lamps.
Today, the Acuity Brand, Chalina fixture, has an output similar to that of a 25-watt incandescent lamp (345 lumens)
It was sold at Home Depot for $300.
Pattison attributed the shift to cheaper materials, as well as the assembly progress to reduce material waste, reducing costs.
But she estimates that in order to compete in the broader market, manufacturing costs need to drop to around $100 per 1,000 lumens.
She predicts that if the industry continues to work aggressively towards this goal, the technology can be achieved as early as five years later.
What should I expect from OLED in the near future?
Companies involved in OLED lighting believe that this technology can not only illuminate certain areas, but also has great potential.
Back to May, the Acuity brand launched the OLED I Luminaire, an OLED light fixture with a change in bending rods --
Type panel conforming to curved sconces (wall-
Fixed device installed).
Behind the scenes, the main players of OLED games such as asKonica Minolta and Mitsubishi showed prototypes of OLED panels capable of flashing in various colors.
Meanwhile, Siemens has talked about the possibility of transparent windows --style panels.
How will OLED change my life?
For early adopters who are not well off, emerging technologies are often too expensive and impractical.
So it is unlikely that we will see a large number of OLED lighting products flooding into local retail stores in the coming years.
However, with the strict improvement of the product and the continuous decline in cost, oled may bring changes to the world outside the light bulb.
\"Lighting will be more than just lighting one day,\" said Morgan Pattison, who is also an analyst for Solid State Lighting Services.
\"We\'ll get all of these extra features soon, which obviously requires a little learning curve that could be frustrating for consumers to find the best way to equip space.
\"But,\" he added, \"it\'s beautiful and you can do more and it\'s worth it when you think about environmental benefits.
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