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united states : cree led lighting brightens ronald mcdonald house.

by:Demo     2020-08-29
McDonald\'s building in Durham, North Carolina (RMHD)
I open the door to more families with newly renovated facilities with nearly 150 LED LED Light module fixtures from Cree, Inc.
The addition of OfCree LED lighting supports RMHD mission to provide comfort, warmth, home
Create an atmosphere for critically ill children and their families, while also saving energy and money.
The expansion will expand the house from 29 bedrooms to 55 bedrooms with a large kitchen, community room, school room and library to serve children treated at Duke Pediatric Hospital
Therhemodialysis in Durham receives more than 1,000 families each year, offering a safe and caring home away from home, keeping families focused on their health and healthbeing.
Oie Osterkamp, executive director at Cree McDonald House, said Cree LED lighting helps bring home comfort to families facing huge emotional and physical challenges.
The newly renovated house provides a safe environment to ease these challenges.
Upgrade of LED lighting is not allowed
Provide more wisdom for Ronald McDonald\'s and provide the opportunity to update inefficient lighting systems from the original 1960 s-
Modern architectural style.
According to RMHD\'s data, newly installed CreeA LED lighting, including CR Series LED troffers and CR Series LED downlights, provides nearly 65% more than previously planned fluorescent lighting solutions
The savings in LED lighting can provide the facility with the opportunity to allocate valuable resources to other areas of the organization.
We are very happy not only to provide energy
Greg Merritt, vice president of marketing at Cree, said efficient LED lighting products not only apply to Ronald McDonald\'s house in Durham, but also support the expansion of this valuable local resource to make moreAbout Cree -
Leading the LED lighting revolution and building energy-
Waste of traditional lighting technology by using energy is outdated
High efficiency, Mercury
Free LED lighting.
Corey is a market.
Leading innovators in lighting
LED, LED lighting and semiconductor products for power and radiofrequency (RF)applications.
Cree\'s product range includes LED lamps and bulbs, blue and green LED chips, high
Lighting-brightness led
Power led, power-
Switching equipment and RF equipment.
Cree products are continuously improved in applications such as general lighting, electronic signage and signals, power supplies and solar inverters.
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