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setting gardens aglow.

by:Demo     2020-08-18
SANGEETHA perfectafter swoop look at the product creation --
The dark retreat was one of the fastest growing landscaping trends last year, with outdoor lighting continuing to be more and more popular in 2011, but with a focus on cost and energy efficiency.
The design is beautiful, and the outdoor lighting with reasonable location brings a huge style boost to the garden or yard, as any landscape without proper lighting is considered incomplete.
A well-planned lighting design has a much greater impact on home and garden than the way we see and enjoy outdoor space in the dark.
Claudia van de Vove, owner of Dubai, Desert River, UAE, said that garden and terrace lighting can add so much to create such a special atmosphere.
\"In this part of the world, we have beautiful weather for most of the year, and attractive lighting allows you to expand your life and social fields to the outdoors.
\"The days of boring and ugly lights have passed,\" she added.
\"Lighting is now part of landscaping as much as plants, grass, shadows and water features.
At Desert River, we offer a range of lights for a more modern flavor-
Guaranteed to add \"wowfactor\" to your garden \".
\"As energy becomes more expensive, there is a huge interest in costs --
Emission reduction potential brought by new technologies such as LED (
On a global scale, people are increasingly concerned about efficient energy use and reducing carbon emissions in the environment --
Conscious consumers drive energy demand
Efficient lighting system for indoor and outdoor spaces, which is reflected in LED and other reduced lighting
Emission lighting system.
Decoration: unusual pieces from the desert river make the decorative LED regarded as the future of outdoor lighting, and GE invented the first visible LED in 1962, most recently, the company has expanded its outdoor LED lighting product line through 10 new products, providing energy saving and maintenance savings with a rated life of 50,000 hours.
In the new generation of LED lighting, the development of LED lighting and road Cobrahead provides high uniformity that can effectively illuminate outdoor areas and reduce excessive lighting
Lighting, resulting in shadows and waste of energy.
Based on 12 hours of use per day, the service life of most outdoor led lamps in GE is over 11 years, greatly reducing the frequency and cost of maintenance.
Given the emerging use of LED technology in general lighting, one of our departments is BetaLED-
Based on private
Hold Ruud lighting to provide lighting products with high efficiency, performance, Life and Style
Friendly solution.
Designed to improve path lighting, BetaLED\'s advantages can greatly reduce energy costs through new activities
Intelligent Sensing technology.
Use of maintenance
Free components and contemporary design perfectly integrated with architectural buildings make edgeluminode an ideal device for creating a good environmentlit pathways.
Efficiency led and bi-level,activity-
\"Sensing technology can save a lot of energy,\" said Christopher Ruud, president of BetaLED . \".
\"This Progress helps to create safer conditions by producing whiter light and better uniformity and brightness.
\"Better use of technologyof-the-
Art microwave occupancy sensor, when no activity is perceived, it sends a signal to the lamp so that it works in low mode, reducing energy use by 66, while only reducing light by 50
As a result, Edge Channel lamps save more than 60% of their energy at full power compared to 70-70
Watt metal halides fixtures save more than 85 energy when operating in low mode.
There are four height options, these 100,000-
LED fixed time with longer service life
Compared with traditional lighting equipment, the span is large, the maintenance is reduced, and the efficiency is higher.
No warmth-
Over time, LED fixtures undoubtedly offer an attractive lighting option. In-
Ground LED lights are ideal for rock gardens, small flower beds and gorgeous rows of exotic plants as they emit pure white light without too much heat.
These are also good lighting options for atiosteps and decks.
In addition, their lines are smooth and clean and can be hidden in the grooves so that they can be illuminated without getting in the way.
The only downside is that the initial cost is high, but in the long run, the LED lights can provide greater savings for homeowners.
For those who want to save a lot of money on their electricity bills, the best option is to use solar energy.
Solar lights are the most popular type of garden and courtyard lighting as they are not only huge money but also very good for the environment.
The clever use of natural and renewable energy makes them the first choice for ecosystems
Awareness and budget
Conscious consumers.
The solar lights can emit wonderful LED Light module all year round, and the soft and dim light reduces LED Light module pollution.
Solar lanterns are available in a variety of styles and materials, suitable for various types of yard and landscape, be it small or small, simple or delicate.
A popular trend in outdoor lighting is the use of lighting globes;
These are radiation-rich and can add a dazzling look to any landscape.
They can be used as simple decorations for the patio or as a source of lighting for the yard or garden.
Moonlight globe can help you keep your mood in any outdoor activity, it has a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
They are made of solid, broken-proof substances that are both waterproof and waterproofresistant.
\"Today, the lighting itself is seen as a feature,\" said Vander Werf . \" He talked about the current trend of landscape lighting.
\"It is no longer considered to be just a functional light, but rather a very beautiful or striking object in shape, and it just happens to be illuminated.
\"Form and Function: The Desert River provides an interesting point of conversation. A new approach to outdoor lighting is the use of novel fixtures with a variety of interesting and unique shapes.
For example, a garden light in the form of poisonous feet, frogs or flowers adds a quirky humor to outdoor activities.
Outdoor lighting accessories are also very popular.
\"We offer a variety of lighting products that can be used not only in one way --
For example, a lamp that can be used as a plantation owner, seat, table or even an outdoor bar.
\"All of these products are very durable using energy-efficient bulbs.
\"The spotlight is an important choice when lighting up a large outdoor space.
For example, Osram\'s versatile new Noxlite outdoor light collection can illuminate the garden, highlighting any other outdoor area around the home.
Equipped with LEDs, they can be simply mounted on wallsto, illuminate the path and terrace, and have extra special features: the sensor settings can be selected and adjusted individually as needed.
These can be set to power-
In the time range between 5 minutes and 10 minutes, the darkness of the activated motion sensor can also be adjusted.
One of the features of the Noxlite wall light is the high firmness and weather-
It is proved that, therefore, even in harsh or windy conditions, it can illuminate the road or highlight the walls of the house with attraction.
While professional landscape designers always use beautiful outdoor lighting options, they are now essential --
There are also homeowners who lead the trend.
The efficient and elegant lighting design not only highlights the best location for home and garden, but also increases its visual appeal and functionality throughout the yard, make the garden an area to enjoy throughout the evening.
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