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samsung k950 vs lg sj9: which dolby atmos soundbar is better?

by:Demo     2020-09-07
Dolby vibe-Samsung\'s hardware for the \"horizon\" cinema trailer-
The K950 speaker also comes with two Atmos rear speakers.
Source: it is undeniable that having surround sound in your living room will let you play video games and Netflix Carnival --
More immersive experience.
With the new TV you will want the sound to match the quality of the movie, which makes sense.
The only problem is the traditional predetermined channel position defined by 5. 1 or 7. 1 speaker set-
With Dolby Atmos technology leading the way in home theater experience, up is rapidly becoming obsolete.
Dolby\'s new technology was first introduced to the cinema in 2012, from 192-
Cinema settings-speakers
Use up to speakers or compatible smartphones with stereo headphones.
Dolby Crocket explains that the mobile audio provided by Dolby s can be placed exactly in three-
Including any overhead space.
\"It allows filmmakers to decide where the sound should come from and where the sound should move as the scene progresses,\" he told News . \". com. au.
An example of how firing the speaker up in the Speaker helps create the illusion that the sound comes from above.
Source: hope to put this in perspective, imagine a scene in the movie, the helicopter takes off and then hovers around the top of the building.
Book 5 with tradition. 1 or 7.
1 Setting, the audio must be assigned to a specific channel, which may be lost when mixed with other sounds.
Atmos releases sound from the channel and allows sound to exist as a separate entity, meaning they can be placed and moved precisely anywhere in your room to mimic your presence in
This means that with Atmos, you will actually have the illusion that the helicopter takes off and flies in the living room.
This technology is able to reproduce these sounds by using speakers that include traditional front speakers
Shooting and up-Shooting elements.
\"Dolby Atmos knows where your speakers or speakers are and will present the audio in a creative way,\" he said . \".
\"We did a lot of testing in a fancy-shaped room and found Dolby atmosphere very resilient.
We joked that we dare to find a room where the technology sounds bad.
There are currently more than 70 audio/video receivers (AVR)
The 40 speaker models and 13 speakers provide a Dolby Atmos audio experience.
We tested Samsung\'s 9 series hardware.
SJ9 Dolby speakers for K950 and LG.
How did they stack up?
Hardware design for Samsung
K950 Atmos soundbar is one of only two sound systems that support Dolby Atmos format and is well received.
Source: supply K950: Samsung has made it simple and elegant in design.
The curved brushed aluminum covers both ends of the sound bar, and the small strips pass through the top to separate the black steel mesh.
In addition to an LED LED Light module on one side and four control buttons, the soundbar is stripped of unnecessary details.
Discreet equipment can be placed in front of most TVs without covering too many baffles, and can also be fixed to the wall with the support provided.
K950 speakers include 11 sep arately-
Zoom in speaker
Including two upward shots of real atmospheric effects.
Samsung also includes a rectangular subwoofer that can be easily hidden under the sofa.
Unlike SJ9, The K950 is equipped with two rear wireless speakers with forward function
Shooting and up-
While a separate power outlet is required for both, the ignition driver.
The remote has been stripped back to a minimum, but there is no denying that it does take some time to get used to it.
LG\'s SJ9 has a retro appeal, and its design source is supply SJ9: SJ9, a smooth, polished product that is far from the industrial baking surface of the Samsung model.
A certain grade is provided along the metal strip at the bottom of the speaker, while its curved edges help soften the design.
Thin grids have been used to disguise the LED display inside the unit, which is slightly thinner than the k950.
There are 7 sound bars.
Zoom in speaker
Includes two upward shots, which can be seen through the small circle at the top of the unit.
Unlike Samsung, LG chose a subwoofer to get a more cubic design, which, while making it a bit difficult to hide, is far from being a thorn in the eye.
LG also chose the minimalistic remote, although it does have a little more buttons than k950.
Like Samsung\'s products, SJ9 can sit in front of the TV or on the wall --mounted.
In addition to the benefits of adding a rear speaker, both SJ9 and K950 provide spectacular sound using Dolby atmospheric technology.
SJ9 and K950 handle the vocals well by smoothly mixing the vocals with the screen environment-
This means that in different scenarios, there is no need to constantly turn up and down the volume in order to avoid different audio ranges.
Both submarines provide powerful sound, but there is no gap between ensuring the deepest bass depth and the lower mid-tone dynamic rangerange.
Thankfully, these products deliver on Dolby\'s promise to be able to deliver high quality sound in a wide variety of rooms --
My high ceilings and spacious living room still have high quality audio.
Although SJ9 is equipped with a dedicated \"rear channel\" driver, it cannot match the actual rear speaker provided by K950, which gives Samsung a slight advantage.
It must also be mentioned that Dolby Atmos currently has only 150 bombshell, but there are more bombshell.
Both VERDICTAs have to pass the benchmark to carry the Atmos tag, both of which are good options.
The design of both is very subjective and depends on personal taste.
I personally like the elements of both and there is no problem in my home.
For me, the rear speakers of the Samsung K950 make it a better choice in terms of immersive sound, but this is far from an opposition to the LG sj9.
It must also be mentioned that the benefits must be rear --
Additional costs are required to launch the speakers, so it depends on whether you are willing to give up the money.
Both are well worth your time and will bring your living room into the future.
The retail prices of SJ9 and K950 are $1240 and $1687 respectively.
Have you tried these products?
Continue the conversation in the comments below, or continue the conversation with Matthew Dunn on Facebook and Twitter.
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