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orkus set to revolutionize led lighting scenario in india

by:Demo     2020-08-03
New Delhi, February 15 (ANI)
: With the launch of the promising LED brand \"orkus\", the future of lighting has been redefined in the country.
Orkus has a wide range and unparalleled LED products that will revolutionize the LED lighting scene in India.
The company is passionate about its pioneering success in just a few months of launch, aiming to achieve revenue from Rs.
Over the next three years, Rs 1000, with a wide network in India, is expected to come from only 30% of the Orkus brand.
According to its LED brand Orkus, the compact luminaire has launched an exclusive range of LED products, including LED bulbs, LED panels, LED spotlights, and LED tube lights.
The company\'s initial goal was to invest in Rs.
In the next three years, 100 crore will be added to the LED manufacturing facilities, capabilities and promotion of new brands.
With its extensive network of channel partners, local facilities, strong marketing and promotion capabilities, strong R & D capabilities and proactive sales and services, Orkus has created in the domestic LED market
To speed up the expansion, Orkus envisioned a grand pan-India promotion program based on consumer psychological analysis, customer needs and lighting needs.
In addition, after having registered a strong business in the north, the company recently made an acquisition in southern India through a dealer meeting in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
The event attracted more than 500 dealers to participate and became a large dealer party in the lighting industry.
The company demonstrated all Orkus product lines on site for dealers.
Of all the LED products that the company showed at the event, the exclusive three-in-one and panel was highly appreciated by dealers.
\"We will all completely change the LED lighting landscape in India through our extensive and unparalleled excellence Orkus LED product pan-India.
In addition to expanding our market to big cities, we also focus on developing and strengthening our dealer network
\"Cities II and III,\" said Pvt MD, a compact light fixture. Ltd. Kapil Gupta.
\"In the context of the huge demand in the market for our products, I am confident that we will successfully achieve the revenue target of Rs 1000 in the next three years,\" Kapil Gupta added . \".
Compact fixtures have launched LED lighting brands Orkus in northern states, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, AP, Telangana and Kerala.
In addition to northern and southern India, the company has successfully established a network of dealers in the western part of the country, penetrating the markets of major cities including Pune, Mumbai, Indore, in addition to other premium markets, Bhopal.
Recently, it also received impressive orders from Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
Supply of 9 w led lights.
The PSU, which works with the ministry of electricity, has received massive support from BEE (
Bureau of Energy Efficiency)
For the LED revolution in India, EESL has given this part of the contract to provide these LED lights for various regions of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. (ANI)
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