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orion lighting debuts new led lighting products enhanced with smart controls at lightfair® 2019 (booth #409) in philadelphia

by:Demo     2020-08-30
Orion lighting launches new LED lighting products enhanced by smart control lighting fair for the first time®2019 (Booth 409)
In Philadelphia in May 21-23
Official investor booth tour
At 9: 30 a. m. on May 22, Philadelphia and Manitoba Walker, USA. May 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)--
OrionEnergy Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: OESX)(Orion Lighting)
Suppliers of enterprises
LED lighting and energy project solutions, announced today that it will showcase several new and improved LED lighting products at thelight®International trade show and conferencebooth 409)
From Tuesday, May 21 to Thursday, May 23, at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Pennsylvania.
Orion will host an informal investor booth tour and management Q & A from 9: 30 to 10: 30 a. m. on Wednesday, May 22.
Investors should contact Orion\'s investment relations team (
Contact information is as follows).
Orion CEO Mike Altschaefl commented, \"We are proud to be able to launch a range of new devices in our value --
Reasonably priced Harris LED lighting range, as well as added lumenpackages and customizable features for high bay and low Bay environments in LED Light module fair®2019.
We will also show the 214 lumens/power performance of our ison led high bay LED Light module fixtures, which are still the highest performing and energy efficient lamps in our industry.
We are able to integrate intelligent control technology into our lighting solutions, enabling facility managers to optimize lighting performance and energy efficiency while supporting new IoT including logistics and facility management.
Behind all our products is our \"Made in America\" quality, industry
Orion\'s unparalleled customer service supports leading performance, fast order turnaround, and easy installation of our products.
\"New: Harris LED lumens select high bay, Gen 1 | lslh1 the lumen output in Orion\'s latest high bay fixture is a multi-photoelectric flat adjustable on site, with the development of facility lighting and daily operation, it is allowed to be used in low Bay and High Bay Mountain.
Multiple installation and fixture options make it a customizable option for any customer.
NEW: Harris LED wet rated high bay, first wet of Gen 1 | wrrh1orion-
Rated Round LED High Bay lamps make it ideal for any type of environment.
With two light output levels of 13,000 and 19,000 lumens, this light fixture offers optional occupancy and light cell sensor options.
Harris high efficiency led ldr refitting, Gen 2 | ldre2 next generation Harris LDR provides up to 161 lumens per watt, and the LDRE product range has three shapes: 1\'x4 \', 2 \'X\' 2 \'and \'x4 \'.
The transformation from fluorescent to LED is very easy;
It takes only one person to install, and it takes only a few minutes to complete the full installation.
ISON linear LED modular transformation, Gen 1 | LMAR 1ISON linear LED streamlined transformation, gen 1 | LSAR 1 Orion\'s first ISON Class LED linear modification kit has two different modification designs, can meet the needs of any facilities and installation labor.
The 4\' and 8\' profiles can be used to transform existing fluorescent fixtures.
The original industry-leading 214 lumens/w led High Bay fixture of the ison led High Bay | HBIF 3 Orion will also be on display.
This fixture has hundreds of configurations for on-site installation or factory installation, allowing for custom functionality. Future-
The proofread modular design gives easy access to components and can be upgraded for future performance enhancements.
About Orion Energy SystemsOrion is a business enterprise
LED lighting and energy project solutions.
Production and sales of LED lighting systems
National lighting and intelligent control.
Orion systems sinathate patented design elements that provide significant energy efficiency, as well as optical and thermal performance that drives finance, environment and work-
Provide a wide range of customers with space advantages, including nearly 40% of the Fortune 500 customers.
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Follow us: stock twits: Orion_LED_IRTwitter: @ orionlight ingirorion Sales Contact: Josh sells orion Energy Systems, Inc. Josh Kurtz(920)892-
5702 contact person for Investor Relations: William Jones;
Cai Jianya KamatuCatalyst infrared (212)924-
9800 or oesx @ catalyst-ir.
ComPhotos attached to this announcement are provided on the orion logo.
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