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music flashing led bar

by:Demo     2020-09-07
You need some supplies for this project, most of which you can find on emailbay (
If you need a cheap price)
Or your local hardware store, or even around your house.
Depending on how big you want your lights to be or how extravagant you are, you need some LED, you need more LED, etc.
The lights we use, 28-
LED in 4 different colors. -White =10 -Blue = 3 -Green = 3 -Red = 428 -
120 ohm resistance
1 square glass of \"x 1\"
We found these at the Hobby Hall for $3.
You will also need several speaker wires and jumper cables.
If you want to make the bar bigger, you can go out and buy a bigger piece of wood.
For the tools you need: Dremmel Drill1/16 \"drill bit weld metal paint surround sound or speaker system :)
The first thing you need to do is find the location of your LED. This position can be calculated by measuring the length of your board and then dividing the length of your board by the number of LED.
You will get a number once you do.
This number will be the location of your LED.
You start by making a line in the middle of your board, and your LED will be on this line and on the distance you calculate above.
For example, our bar has 48 \"long and 28 LED in our project.
We know that we have to have every LED. Separated by 71 inch
Depending on the length and quantity of the LED in your hand, your motherboard may vary.
Using your 1/16 bit and Dremel bit, you need to make two small holes in the position of the motherboard, where your LED will be about 3mm apart from each other.
The tip of your LED will fit in the small hole and keep everything in place to make sure your LED is snug in the small hole.
The next thing is to draw the LED bar in metal reflection color.
Once you paint the bar in metal color, this will make the LED look more brilliant than it actually is.
Put all the LED on the bar of the corresponding group.
Our LED has 5 White LED in the first and last row, then 3 Green LED, then 3 blue LEd, and finally 4 red LED, located similar to the picture below
Wwwww ggg bbb rrrr bbb ggg wwwww once you put the LED in the bar you need to start bending down most of the LED.
You will use the jumper cable to connect each large socket of the LED together.
The short end of the LED will be connected with the 120 ohm resistance between each LED. You need to group the LED, the white LED will be all connected, all the green LED will be connected, the blue LED will be together, and finally the red LED will be together.
Each of your speakers will control a different LED group.
For example, we have our son.
Bass speakers control our white led \'sour Center speakers control red led \'sleft and Right speakers control green and blue led \'sif\' if you want this to be permanent in your room, if not, you can fix it temporarily with a set of crocodile clips.
Turn on the speaker system and you can weld the front and negative connections of the speakers and connect them to the front and negative connections on your led\'s group
The bass speaker is controlling the White LED, so we connect the subwoofer speaker wires to the white LED\'s group. Once you have finished the connection, you can start in all of your LED, which will make it appear with multiple LED lines, not just one.
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