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kaipara news: fur seal visits dargaville, car in mud, led light concerns and council adopts ltp

by:Demo     2020-08-10
You don\'t open your front door every day and see a seal staring at you.
But this is what happened to the dagauville family this week.
River Rd resident Michael Ross said his wife, Kelly, first noticed it sitting across the road from their home on Wednesday morning.
\"She walked into the room excitedly and said there was a baby seal on the flood control wall.
\"It has been there since the early morning and it is very happy.
Department of Conservation (DOC)
Keep it healthy as long as it is healthy.
It\'s cool to wake up and see a beautiful morning and a lovely little animal basking in the sun.
\"That night, Mr. Ross said the seal was\" like a dog \"sniffed on the tire by a car, and then it jumped back to the flood control wall and jumped into the river.
\"The last time I saw it playing in the water south.
Ross said last week that a car crashed into the river.
\"Can\'t wait to see what will come next week \".
Doctor spokesman Lee Anne
At this time of year, Wiig says, they often appear in unusual places.
\"Thanks to extensive hunting, fur seals in New Zealand, once on the verge of extinction, are now experiencing a population recovery and restoring much of their previous range.
This means we will see more people playing on the rocky coastline of mainland New Zealand, the Chatham Islands and the sub-Antarctic islands.
\"DOC\'s safety guide when looking at the SEALs: keep it at least 20 m away from making loud noises or throwing things to disturb the seals keep the dogs and children from feeding the seals and never try to touch them.
The car falling into weroit is a lucky escape for the passengers of a car that recently ended in the North weroa River, but for a car that looks like some kind of terrible sea monster, it was recovered.
Michael Ross, deputy fire chief at the dagauville fire brigade, said the accident occurred around six o\'clock P. M. last Monday, not far from his home.
\"One passenger got off the bus in person and the fire, police and ambulance were all involved.
Sounds like thunder and the house is shaking.
Fortunately, the tide has receded.
The accident happened near a dead end at the end of the River Road.
\"It\'s usually a quiet street with mini horses on my front lawn and a cow swimming into the river, but it managed to swim to the other side.
Police are investigating.
New street lights cause safety problems, their names should produce light, enough light according to the situation, but according to some of the residents of Kaipara, the new LED energy-efficient street lights do not illuminate the streets as they should, and that is not the case.
The Kepala District Council began replacing most of the street lights in the district with energy-saving bulbs for $1. 2million, (
Including sharing funds with the government)
Earlier this year
However, some residents claim that the new lights are not so bright, raising concerns about safety and security.
Matt King, a member of the northern Congress, is now involved.
King said that a local resident contacted him, fearing that they were trying to provide the police with a description of a car after seeing it travel in their car in danger, they can no longer Street.
\"Before installing these new lights, it\'s obviously not a problem for this person.
\"Kim said he was asked to look into the matter because they claimed that the complaint filed with parliament had never been answered.
\"We have contacted the council planning to bring a professional vehicle with monitoring and measuring equipment to the area to assess the overall performance of the lighting and to see if the complaint is valid.
\"I haven\'t been to the streets myself, but I was told that the intensity of the lighting can be adjusted and obviously they can be more directional so that the light doesn\'t leak into the property, it will not leak into the streets of the property.
\"It is reported that the Pahi Reserve Association, which manages Pahi Beach Holiday Park, has requested to deal with this issue as a\" urgent matter.
We asked members of the Paparoa facebook page what they thought.
Dylan Louise Taylor said, \"they are terrible, and Pahi is dark enough now, and the lights are worse. . .
At least before the light clears . . . . . . \"Gaewyn Dawn Pook said,\" I like them!
I only visit my family there, but I think it\'s a huge change.
\"After installing LED lights in early February 2017, residents living in the north of Palmerston raised similar concerns.
Ashley emus wrote on facebook, \"I don\'t like them and make the street to my place and my street darker. . .
Walking or driving
Daniel said, \". . . They didn\'t LED Light module up so many streets and I wanted the streets to be bright all night so I could see any animals or pedestrians clearly.
A spokesman for the committee said that all residential streets in kaipala (
National Highway not included)are done.
We received three complaints directly about the lights.
Including the letter to the editor).
When asked what remedies were available, the spokesman said;
\"There are standards defined by NZTA and areas where non-standards are found must be remedied, which may include . . . . . . \"KDC uses the New Zealand Transport Agency and Austroads standards to determine the design specifications and requirements.
If there are any problems with the perceived performance level issues, KDC will investigate them and respond accordingly when needed \"Whangarei is currently installing a new LED light.
The Council adopted its long-term plan and withdrew-
Track interest rate rises in the region.
The average growth rate of the whole region for 2018/2019 years was 4.
97, less than 5 days of consultation. 45 per cent.
Dr. Jason Smith, Capella mayor, said the long term plan recently passed was an example of \"Brave, collaborative and prudent decision-making.
\"We would like to thank all the people and groups who submitted their submissions and those who took the time to join us at the hearing.
\"The review process was very thorough and, as we carefully considered each submission received, there was a great deal of debate around the table.
\"We have always been bold in a reasonable place, we are looking for better results for the community, and we live wisely within our own capabilities,\" he said . \".
The actual cost increase between the property and the community will vary.
Key items of the 2018/2028 long-term plan adopted at the Council meeting in June 26 include: allocation of funds for a comprehensive review of regional plans, with the primary task being to grow the zoning.
Provide the agreed programme of work-the Mangawhai community plan, the Kaiwaka improvement plan and the Dargaville site production project.
In the first three years, $200,000 was transferred from low-cost, low-risk work to fund the walking and cycling strategy project and the new sidewalk project.
There are also a number of survey projects aimed at improving the digital capabilities of the community, promoting business development, increasing support for the Kepala tourism sector, and the digital community center in dagauville.
Agenda Report and 2018-
2028 the long-term plan can be found on the council website www. kaipara. govt.
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