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iq sees double digit growth

by:Demo     2020-08-20
According to a forecast, global LED Light module
LED market (LED)
IQ Group Holdings Bhd plans to reach $42 in 2019
The brand name of LED lighting products has driven the group\'s growth since next April.
The upcoming LED products fall into the smart lighting category, according to TechNavio in London
Headquartered in research and consulting, it is expected to grow at a CAGR (CAGR )of 36.
Period 4%-20132018.
Daniel Beasley, group CEO, told StarBizWeek that the group had previously focused on manufacturing raw equipment (OEM)
Lighting Solutions. “Our in-
House brand \"iq group\" contributed 1% to 2% in the field of sensors and LED, accounting for an average of 75% of the group\'s revenue.
\"Over the past 18 months we have spent money developing smart lighting solutions to sell in the name of the Lumiqs brand.
\"They will be available to global markets in the second half of 2014 and are expected to play an important role in the revenue contribution for fiscal 2016, starting in April 1, 2015,\" he said.
Lumiqs LED products enable users to save more than 90% of their energy, as solutions equipped with wireless transceivers can be programmed according to the number of people in a region to make them darker or brighter.
\"Our main goal is the industrial and commercial market.
\"We will also release a version suitable for residential use,\" he said . \".
Beasley said he expects Japan to be the main market for IQ energy-saving smart lighting solutions.
\"Japan has reduced the use of nuclear energy and has begun to import coal and oil to generate electricity.
\"This means there are a lot of business opportunities for energy-efficient lighting solutions to grow,\" he said . \".
IQ is also in talks with strategic business partners to sell Lumiqs products in Europe and Asia.
\"We want to work with partners that supply wholesale channels and the right global business network,\" he said . \".
IQ expects operating sales for the current year to grow by double digits compared to the fiscal year 2013, which ends two weeks after March 31.
\"We are very confident because we have provided new LED lighting solutions for more than 30 million yuan to our customers worldwide,\" he said . \". A US-
According to research institutes, the LED market will grow by nearly 50% by 2019.
Wintergreen\'s research firm forecast in a report released late last year that the LED lighting market will grow by 45% annually by 2019.
LED lighting market price is $4.
It is expected that by 2012, 8bil will reach $42 by 2019.
Winter Green\'s reasons for growth are linked to falling prices.
According to Susan yustis
The founder of WinterGreen, the current price has a very competitive pricing environment (
Standard price set by manufacturer for product)
In 2013, $10 per lamp, and may fall to $6 per lamp in the future.
\"These market features add to the demand for continuous innovation.
\"These market features increase the demand for continuous innovation,\" Eustis said in a report . \".
In the future, IQ business strategy is to create value.
With the rapid decline in the price of LED modules, lighting solutions have been added and innovatively designed.
Xu Ting, chief financial officer of IQ group, said the current price of LEDs is about $0.
53, compared to about $1. 10 in 2010.
\"In order to maintain a reasonable profit, we need to come up with value --
Lighting solutions have been added, such as the upcoming smart lighting product range in the market.
\"We are with SILQ (Malaysia)
Sdn Bhd, an LED chip manufacturer based in Penang, will help the group to produce new energy products
Save on lighting solutions, \"she said.
Chee said IQ plans to increase its stake in SILQ from its current 67% to 51% in April 1, 2014.
Due to the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2008, the group has lost money for three consecutive years since 2009-2011.
\"Then we started an internal restructuring that consolidated our manufacturing operations in China and our sales and marketing operations in the UK.
\"Because IQ had two manufacturing plants in Dongguan at the time, the increase in manufacturing and labor costs in China exacerbated our financial situation.
\"In 2010, we closed our sales and marketing office in the UK and led the sales campaign back to Penang,\" she said . \".
Headquartered in Bayan Lepas, the IQ group also produces doorbell products for major doorbell brands such as fredeland and Byron, which account for about 25% of the group\'s revenue.
In the third quarter of fiscal 2014 as of December 31, IQ released a pre-release
Tax profit of 10 yuan
8mil RM134mil on the back, compared to rm329000 and rmymmil implemented in the same period of the previous year.
The IQ, founded in 1989 by Taiwanese businessman Chen Kent, was originally a equipment manufacturer (OEM)
Motion sensor LED Light module controller and safe lighting.
Subsequently, its products eventually expanded to include LED lighting products, doorbell and wireless video communication products.
IQ customers are mainly from Europe, Japan and the United States.
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