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inteledgent lighting solutions inc. announces opening of canadian led lighting distribution center; brand neue corp. subsidiary to supply local and national led retrofitters

by:Demo     2020-08-23
Brand Neue(OTCBB: BRNZ)(
\"Brand Neue\" or \"Company \")
Today, the intelligent lighting solutions company announced its opening.
Canada LED lighting distribution center in Edmonton, Alberta.
According to Kevin labanche, marketing and distribution manager and director of brand Neue Corp.
The new warehouse space will allow the brand Neue and its smart lighting solutions (
Intelligent lighting]
Subsidiaries will process and distribute their LED lighting inventory across Canada more quickly and offer a wider range of high-quality LED products.
The new facility will store and supply a full range of LED lighting products including high bay fixtures, 4 feet tubes, PAR bulbs and MR16s.
The new Canadian distribution center has increased the possibility of smart lighting entering the North American lighting market.
Through strategic alliances with global LED LED Light module companies(\"Worldwide\")
Smart lighting also has a 30,000 square foot LED distribution center in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.
This East Coast warehouse and showroom supports the company\'s LED sales in the United StatesS. and Europe.
\"We are proud to announce the opening of our Canadian distribution center,\" LaBranche said . \".
\"The new facility will provide our customers with faster shipping times, superior customer service, inventory backup and high
Quality LED lighting suppliers in their own backyard.
\"The new distribution center will be the hub for the brand Neue Canada LED lighting operations, including a fully operational LED showroom, customer service and evaluation department, and a sales office.
\"Our goal is to be a trusted high-end supplier
\"Quality LED lighting products for local and national LED lighting fitters,\" added LaBranche . \".
\"To demonstrate the exceptional lighting experience that LED offers, we have received a lot of inquiries.
For example, we are doing a preliminary LED remodel installation for 70,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities;
Their return on investment in LED lighting is estimated to be 16 months and is expected to save 70% of the energy each year, and their employees are experiencing the benefits of exposure to high-quality natural LED lights, which is an added benefit --
In a more comfortable working atmosphere, which studies show the results
Less headaches, fatigue and eye fatigue than traditional lighting.
\"Distribution centers in Canada are now open and the first batch of LED lighting products are in stock.
Please consult the products and suppliers directly with the brand Neue canada distribution center and showroom at 780. 905.
3970 or by email at sales @ brandneue.
For more information, please contact the brand Neue Investor Relations Department at 702. 589.
5849 or visit www. brandneue.
ComTo receives company news when the company news crosses, simply contribute your email address to the news registration module on the homepage of the www company website. brandneue. com.
To request investor or product information, please use the request information form on the brand Neue website.
To submit an idea or product for consideration by brand Neue executives, use the confidential innovation submission form on the brand Neue website.
About Brand Neue Corp. Brand Neue
It is a product innovation company that trades on the counter on OTCBB, with the symbol BRNZ.
Brand Neue Corporation is committed to sourcing, developing, marketing, licensing and distributing innovative new products for retail, manufacturing and industrial application customers worldwide.
For more information, please contact the brand Neue office at 702. 589.
5849 or visit www. brandneue. com.
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The actual results may be different from the results of any forward prediction
It looks like a statement due to many factors.
Among other things, these factors include the inherent uncertainty of financial estimates and sales forecasts, industry trends, the competitive and regulatory environment of start-ups, stock market conditions, unforeseen technical difficulties and the fact that we operate our business and obtain financing ability to sustain. These forward-
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