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install double row led light bar on 2016-up toyota tacoma

by:Demo     2020-08-03
This tutorial will show you how to install 30-Double 31 \"180 W
2016-row bar on the lower bumper grille area
Toyota Tacoma.
This Toyota Tacoma strip kit comes with a specially designed metal mounting bracket, so there is no need to cut off any existing components when installing the assembly.
Other brands on the market require you to cut off some parts of the front grille for installation, but the mounting bracket for iJDMTOY allows you to keep the truck in its original condition, absolutely without modification, no drilling, no cutting.
Loosen the bolt using a 14 wrench.
To expose these screws, peel off the plastic air dam.
Install the metal bracket through two holes onto the exposed mounting hole shown in the last step.
The bracket will be set right below the lower bumper opening.
This will allow you to adjust the height and depth of the strip installation.
It can be high or low, or it can be far or medium as you want.
There are three options for you to put the strip in: You can also trim the air dam with a cutter if you don\'t like the decoration.
Cut according to the red line below.
This operation is optional.
Connect the wire of the strip to an existing power supply, such as a car battery, using the attached relay harness.
Test your strip to ensure it is fully functional.
Reassemble any parts you remove.
Enjoy your new led light from Toyota Tacoma!
Find this and more off road truck LED lighting at iJDMTOY. com today!
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