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inexpensive, fun and smart: minger led light strips by govee

by:Demo     2020-07-31
I had a chance to test a Wi this summer-
Fi digital photo frame connected from Govee.
I haven\'t heard of the brand until then, but this Chinese manufacturer offers reliable alternatives to traditional products at competitive prices.
The company recently sent me some samples from its growing minger led strip light series.
Once again, I found out that Govee provides well-designed, fully functional
Special products with very attractive prices. Cheaper than Wi
The sample set sent by the Fi connection option Govee is well packaged in an attractive box.
There are lights and everything you need to install.
These are not Wi-
The Fi is connected, so you can\'t control them remotely (
This also makes setting easier).
But they do provide Bluetooth wireless control, so you can use the Govee Home mobile app on your smartphone in your room.
They also have an integrated controller with buttons for power and cycling in various light scenes and functions --
So they can also work perfectly without smartphones.
My teen has a playroom in the basement, the perfect place to install MINGER DreamColor bars.
It\'s easy.
Clean the walls that will be fitted with the light strip, peel off the adhesive backing and slide out the light strip as needed.
It is flexible enough to bypass corners and the adhesive supports well.
There are parts marked along the length of the lamp strip, and you can cut them where you need them.
The controller is connected by thin wire and there is an adhesive pad so it can be installed on the wall.
The power adapter is connected to the controller using a thin cable, long enough to reach the socket.
The result was great and perfect for the playroom.
My child doesn\'t care if it is connected to the Hue light through the House (
In fact, they may prefer that their lights are not rolled into the house --wide scene).
They rarely use a smartphone to control it, and often choose to simply extend their hand up and click the button on the wall.
They always had fantastic color LEDs beating with music, and the main light in that room was rarely on.
It\'s much cooler now (their words).
The MINGER DreamColor strip I installed in the children\'s playroom was 16.
4 feet long with 150 LEDs.
When it comes to home smart lighting, Philips Hue is one of the most famous brands with light bar options in the series.
The Light strip Plus base is packed in 80-
LED lighting inch on flexible backing.
The retail price is $89.
99 but this does not include the cost of the Hue bridge required for wireless control.
By contrast, the MINGER DreamColor strip retails for less than $26.
For a wireless LED lighting system with this function, there is something to say that this system is available at such a reasonable price.
These may not be as \"smart\" as connected lighting systems, but they are certainly smart in other ways.
The minger led light product line of the strip govee for almost any application is very wide and growing.
It also includes strips of different lengths, versions that provide Alexa support, TV backlights, and even light strips that can be installed on vehicles (
Done with 12 v adapter). Recommendation.
It\'s easy to start spending hundreds of dollars on smart lighting systems.
But you can get the same benefit.
Minus remote access-
Much less and the settings are not complicated.
Govee\'s minger led light strip is a perfect example.
For lighting in a specific area, you also want to have \"smart\" features such as multiple colors and music pulse mode, and the minger LED Light Engine strip is excellent.
There is very little investment, everything you need is in the box, with their integrated controller you don\'t even need a smartphone to loop through the various features (
Although you can still choose).
I was impressed with the minger led light strip sample I received and I ended up buying an Minger Bluetooth bulb as well.
I love smart home lighting, but I also appreciate the simplicity of being a cheap multi-functional LED lighting system installed independently.
Disclosure: Govee provided the minger led light strip for the assessment, but did not provide any input to this review.
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