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improving “color rendering” of led lighting for the growth of lettuce

by:Demo     2020-08-14
plays a vital role in the growth and development of plants.
For the benefit of human survival and life, on the basis of white light with high color rendering, we propose to improve the \"color rendering\" of LED lighting to accelerate the growth of lettuce.
Lettuce was irradiated with 7 spectral LED lights at 150 mu mol · M-2 S-1 to obtain a 16-HD-1 light cycle.
Leaf area and quantity distribution, plant biomass and photosynthesis rate under-
The prepared LED light treatment was studied.
We make the absorption spectrum of fresh leaves the emission spectrum of ideal light and then evaluate-
LED lights prepared by Pearson products-
Moment correlation coefficient and CIE color coordinates.
Under the red lightyellow-
Blue LED Light module with a high correlation coefficient of 0.
587, dry weight and blade growth rate are 2-3 times that of redblue light.
Optimized LED lights for lettuce growth can be considered limited to angles (about 75°)
Between vectors passing through ideal light in CIE color coordinates.
These findings open up a new idea for evaluating and finding optimized LED lights for plant growth.
Lettuce seeds were sown in the rock of Pearl and sprouted under 15 μ mol m s irradiation of white LED. Uniform-
5-size seedlings of lettuce
The leaves were randomly divided into 7 groups and transplanted into 10-hole PVC test tubes.
Place the polyvinyl tube in the growth chamber.
The chamber with a length of 50mm, a width of 4mm, and a height of 4mm is fitted with 7 LED lights of different colors and spectral components, as shown in and.
Pump the poly-vinyl tube into an inflatable nutrient solution adjusted to pH6 and conductivity 1. 1u2009mScm.
The nutrient solution is placed in a closed large container and cycled daily to update the nutrient solution in the polyvinyl tube.
The lighting cycle is maintained at 16 h.
Illuminate the plants with LED lights and harvest them 22 days after transplant.
During the whole experiment, the air temperature, relative humidity, Photosynthetic Photon flux density and CO level of all treatments were maintained at 24 °c, respectively (day and night)
75%, μ mol m s and 380-400 ppm in the growth chamber.
Morphological features such as number of leaves, blade area, fresh height and dry weight were tested. The leaf area (cm)
Measure the fresh leaves of each plant by paper weighing method.
The growth rate of leaf area and number of leaves was determined during the test period (22 days).
Before weighing, the sample is dried in an oven at 70 °c for 48 hours.
P performed on a single leaf exposed to-
Prepared LED lights provided by portable photosynthesis system (Li-6400, Li-CorInc.
Lincoln, NE, United States of America).
emitting diodes with various spectra are made in combination with blue light chips (450u2009nm, 1u2009W)
And CaAlSiN: Eu red fluorescent body, KTiF: Mn red fluorescent body or YAlO: Ce yellow fluorescent body.
The blue chip is first fixed at the bottom of the reflector.
The fluorescent material is fully mixed with silicone, and the obtained fluorescent-silicone mixture is coated on the surface of the LED chip.
LEDs are assembled on aluminum substrates and concave lenses are added to produce different light.
Among them, SB and SR lamps are produced by Blue LEDs and red LEDs respectively, but other lamps are obtained by fluorescent diodesConvert LEDs.
The photoelectric properties of the manufactured devices are measured by spectral radiometers (
China Hongpu company.
Absorption spectra of fresh lettuce leaves are obtained by diffuse reflection recorded on UV-
Vis Spectrometer (
Agilent, United States 8453).
The Solar and fluorescence and Photosynthetic Photon flux density were systematically analyzed by spectral radiometers (PLA-
China, Everfine).
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