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i logged my skin care routine on neutrogena\'s skin analyzing app, and it freaked me out

by:Demo     2020-09-05
I\'m usually an impulsive, intuitive, and creative person, so it\'s not what I really like to stick to the routine.
The only daily life I follow religiously is skin care.
Applying serum and moisturizer makes me feel like a cute little angel lying on a gold plated water lily pad on a fluffy cloud, so I do my best, use the last waking hour of the evening to take care of my face.
I focus on my business on the Internet, when the ads for the application Skin360 for Neutrogena appear on my feed.
The ad posted a strong magnifying glass on the iPhone showing enlarged photos of the model\'s pores.
An app that quantifies my obsession with skin care?
* Click the Add to Cart button at 300 miles per hour.
* Further investigation, I found that the attachment is a special camera that can enlarge your pores by 30X.
It has eight LED lights to help with medical care
Photo of the grade of pores, as well as the moisture sensor of the outer ring of the attachment.
Neutrogena gave me a sample of the Skin360 so I can see if my existing skincare program is working.
The app instructs you to scan four different areas of the face: Forehead, outer corner of the eye, cheeks and chin.
Its interface is user
Friendly but sensitive camera.
You have to make sure to apply the right amount of pressure on the skin so that the attachment can scan it correctly.
The attachment must also be completely flush with the camera of the phone, which means you have to take off your case.
Although a few minor inconveniences slowed me down, I was eager to get photos of my dirty little pores.
I \'ve spent a lot of time staring at myself in the mirror as a double Leo, but I can\'t wait to get into the next level of this selfobsession.
I want to look at my skin up close.
After taking a photo, the app analyzes the aperture and lines of the image, then combines the analysis with the moisture reading to give a composite skinscore score.
The app then recommends you the Neutrogena product to try and solve the problems your skin is facing.
It also reminds you to scan your skin once a week so you can track your progress over time.
The first week, when I got the scanner for the first time, I was so excited to try it that I actually tried to use it when making up.
I usually only use colored moisturizer, so I am very confident that my makeup is enough and will not affect my effect too seriously.
Since make-up will make your pores and gaps more, I think I will get a lower score.
My first skinscore score was 85, very good.
I know that my dedication to skin care has paid off and I am proud.
My fine lines \"look small\" according to the app, but I am still advised to prevent early signs of aging. How thoughtful!
Social commitments and work obligations are very busy on Tuesday.
I also eat a lot of greasy food because I tend to eat very badly when I am stressed.
The night before my weekly scan expired, I went home at three in the morning. m.
Skip a few steps in my daily life so I can zombie
To my bed.
When I woke up that morning, I had a very Raven vision and my Skin360 score would be terrible, so I did my best to moisturize and replenish water all day.
Having this app is like having a skin care responsibility partner, I really appreciate it.
As expected, my second point fell, but not as dramatic as I thought. The 19-
My moisture score dropped a bit, which reminded me how important it is to keep up with my combination of night oil and sleep mask as my skin is naturally very dry.
After a moody winter in Brooklyn, Spring started in the third week, so I was eager to be outside.
To absorb all the vitamin d I could get, I chose to work in a well-lit cafe nearby for two days, even though I forgot to apply sunscreen.
I know it\'s a major skincare product.
But sitting in direct sunlight brings me a lot of happiness.
In order to exercise and for my general happiness, I still go for a walk at the end of the working day to expose my skin to the polluted New York breeze.
To offset the drying caused by the large amount of time spent outdoors, I decided to use one of the products recommended by the app: the water-promoting gel mask from Neutrogena.
I can\'t believe the mask is only a few bucks because it feels like a teen version of those very adults (
Read: expensive)
Silicone mask set
It has a smooth, cool texture that relieves irritation and redness while deeply moisturizing the skin.
The next morning, after showing and letting my skin fully absorb the ingredients of the gel mask, I looked like a delicious Krispy Kreme glazed donut --
Extra Dew wy because of the mask effect
But I\'m Skin360 in a dramatic dip.
I know from multiple YouTube skin care Masters that I think the sun damage is terrible, but I don\'t know how much it can do to pores and elasticity.
The sun is a dangerous aging force and the Skin360 app shows me how much damage it can do. That 32-
The drop in pore visibility has excited me and lordt is fine.
* Immediately tie emergency sunscreen to every bag of my own.
* I will never be protected by the sun again!
Finally, thoughtsI realized that as a person who is not part of daily life, my results are everywhere.
I scanned my skin at different times of the day with a different number of products on it and I can\'t be the only one using this app like this.
But I think the consistency of the scan time will make my results clearer.
To be honest, the skin care advice given by the app is very generic. Like a Co—
Astrological reading, I already know most of the problems I\'m going to face before scanning my skin, but I appreciate the extra affirmation of the app.
I hope this app will point out all my problems while giving credit for the right thing I did, and that\'s what it did.
I like to use the app as an accountability partner and as a way to measure the effect of care or not caring for the skin.
The revelation of size scared me speechless, and I will always be the disciple who protects the juice now.
Having said that, I know that my skin may be better than some people who use the app to improve scars or relieve pain and acne, so, i\'m curious about what other skincare enthusiasts are told to do with their skin.
I like the easy access to product referrals --
You can go to the nearest convenience store and get the product you want because it\'s easy to get it and it\'s affordable.
At the end of the day, even though you think you know the best way to take care of your skin, the snein360 app for neutrogena reminds me that everyone can use more discipline and sunscreen.
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